Only Benzema wants the League

Two other goals from the French save Madrid in a tostón match in which he was about to throw in the towel. Ramos and Hazard returned. Elche sank in the end.

The message became clear: Madrid saw the League on Mars. Even Perseverance can provide irrefutable proof of this. It seemed that the League happened to be that annoyance that exists between one match and another of the Champions League. Madrid's biological clock marks European time and it seems impossible to fight against it. Starting with Zidane, who returned to a moderate rotation and was about to find an extreme puncture. Without Kroos and Modric, he cannot go out or buy bread. And even less without Benzema, who with two goals in the desserts made an affidavit that he still believes in this. Atlético's draw, a few hours later, proved him right.

The game did not have an inseparable sale of the Champions League, the headquarters of Madrid in good times and in the regular ones pulling badly like the one at hand. The imminent arrival of Atalanta and the accumulated delays in the League, which looked irrecoverable, explained Zidane's eleven well. Nacho, third center, and Lucas Vázquez, winger-winger, to restore the natural order of things. We may see the same thing on Tuesday. Asensio, on the bench, after having allowed to escape until the outskirts, and Vinicius, in the field, hitting his head on his glass ceiling. Kroos and Modric, canned, by veterans and valuable. In a team with no heirs, they are still the big guns. And Ramos, in the field from minute 1 so that the end of the week catches him on notice. There are players who do not admit even a shot of pampering. In any case, Zidane now swims in abundance after weeks in which, due to injuries, he was tempted to put even the coach driver on the bench.

Escribá, who faces three games in little more than a week, did not do the math either. He put the eleven of his rope, those who had given him two victories in four games, including his Argentine partner in the lead. At this point there are no games for your league and for others. It is obligatory to shoot everything. Its strength is joining lines, greatly reducing the useful surface, denying spaces.A repeated error

Madrid took it as a bridge game and not as a cheat game, a border that is sometimes difficult to appreciate. Zidane's plan, scalded in failures in games like this, was to open windows on the sides with Lucas and Mendy, uninhibited by a defense with three centrals. But everything stayed in the almost. To the revolutions that Madrid circulates in games of little draft, it hardly creates a fuss. He plays on foot, drives a lot, makes the rival little tidal and does not recover quickly, a virtue that clears the way a lot in hermetic encounters. In this way, he burns minutes without being a threat, he loses interest in the game and raises up an opponent whose time creates the conviction that the impossible at the beginning becomes very possible at the end. Ask Cádiz, Alavés ... 444 444

Only Vinicius put a certain color in the first half, despite the fact that his chances are directly proportional to the space that the matches give him. But, given the choice, it is always better to have a fast player, because speed is the only football ability that is not released. From a sprint of his came Madrid's best opportunity in the first half. He put Benzema in front of Badía, but the French finished badly on the way with the left. Vinicius is haunted by his poor definition and some goals for the comedy club, but it is more than what Zidane wanted to do with his line-ups.Always Benzema

The rest did not seem to have their head in the game for many minutes. He confused ability with determination and one doesn't work without the other. And Elche went to rest without a scratch. I certainly expected a more oppressive atmosphere.

The second half would bring tangles and surprises. In five minutes, Figueroa Vázquez took a penalty from each team: he disguised a grab on Ramos for a free-kick from the center-back and an offside was invented to avoid a tackle behind Ramos himself to Carrillo. The fight was drowned out by Dani Calvo's goal, headed off a corner. Even in that, which is one of its strengths, Madrid was asleep.

Modric and Kroos' emergency entrance tested the void behind them. His is a denial of the club's anthem: veterans without newcomers. The Croatian's first warm center was sent by Benzema to the net with a header at the far post. Rodrygo also brought new momentum when at Wanda he was a phantom threat. Added to that burden of bullfighting shame was Hazard, the megastar whose days off are counted by the hundreds and whose goals fit on the fingers of one hand.

The end, like so many, described a Madrid with more haste than ideas, with Casemiro sticking his head in that desperate shower of centers, with Modric trying to clean up the game of a surrendered team. But the game was not resolved by the brave, but by way of science, with a high-precision left-foot from Benzema. Always Benzema. Only Benzema. The glory of the French is the drama of Madrid.

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