Oltra tests the return of Luis César to Lugo

The coach who achieved his best classification in Second returns to Lugo. Fuenlabrada, undefeated after the change of coach.

When it is said that any time in the past was better, it is done with a point of nostalgia for the passage of time rather than for the current good or bad situation (follow the game live on As.com). At Lugo it can be stated with the numbers in hand that Luis César Sampedro's season as Albivermello coach was the best of the team, with a ninth place never surpassed. He was even offered a renewal, something no less for a coach at Lugo. But time passes and the return of the Arousano technician occurs, of course, with a cessation in between. Nafti's head was cut off because of the sensations rather than the results, so the new coach already knows the first thing he has to reverse.

In front of him he will have Oltra, another old acquaintance of the Second Division benches who arrived at Fuenlabrada four days ago after Sandoval's fall from grace. Since then the azulones have not lost but it is difficult for them to win (three draws and a victory), so the objective is clear: to fish in the troubled waters of the Miño that bathes an Anxo Carro that, be careful, has not seen its own fall for eleven days, as many as Nafti sat on the local bench.

No revolution is expected in the eleven albivermello, or at least not yet. Luis César will bet on a continuous line-up in names but opposite in style. With the idea of handling the game and the ball, the only doubts are on the left-handed side, where Canella starts with a certain advantage over Luis Ruiz, the double pivot (Xavi Torres or El Hacen) and the right wing, with a beautiful fight between Appiah and Valentine. For his part, Oltra will have to resolve the casualties of Iribas and Pol Valentín, which relaunches Sotillos to the starting eleven. The rest goes through the power of Nteka and Kanté above and the ability of Mula and Feuillassier in bands. We'll see what streak is broken.



El Lugo has shown his best side in the Anxo Carro, where he has added eleven rounds without losing. The arrival of Luis César should prolong the streak that Nafti had at home.


It is difficult for Lugo to score and has Manu Barreiro, with eight goals, his main threat to the Fuenlabreña goal.

Blue wall:

One of Oltra's duties is to get her team to finish a match with a clean sheet. Since his debut against Almería, he has always seen his goal beaten.

The most powerful duo:

The Nteka-Kante pair has become one of the most powerful pairs in the category. Many of Fuenla's options in attack go through them.


'Puma' Rodríguez:

The Panamanian winger is returning to his best level, and the arrival on the bench of Luis César may come in handy by setting up a more offensive game than Nafti's.

Pathé Ciss:

The Senegalese returns after a sanction to guard the back of a team that attacks with many troops and, sometimes, remains uncovered.

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