No one understands the Clippers: ridiculous at home against Orlando

Incomprehensible loss for the Clippers, who finished the second half with a negative 66-45 run. Kawhi, with 28 points, does not avoid disaster.


Incomprehensible. It could be the adjective to define the Clippers, a team full of talent but that does not finish convincing, that passes over rivals that oppose the ring to later lose against other theoretically inferior ones. The loss to the Magic is incomprehensible for several reasons: the game was played in Los Angeles, the team led by Steve Clifford has the second worst record in the Eastern Conference and the fourth worst in the entire NBA, is in full reconstruction after a market in which he has dropped everything and nothing is played beyond getting the highest round of the draft that touches him. In other words, what should have been a formality for the Angelenos, ended up being an ordeal that there was no way to fix and that also has an explanation: the Magic are doing well in recent days, they beat Suns by the minimum and they fought more than was expected of them against the Blazers and, above all, the Lakers. And the Clippers came from a back-to-back that ends up assuming constant suffering in a very condensed schedule. In other words: there are always games of this type, which are unexpectedly lost but have a clear diagnosis.

And still, bad. For the Clippers, of course, they can stay with the aforementioned or not look for so many excuses and try to go for the next game. Of course, nobody should forget the dynamics of Tyronn Lue's pupils: they had six consecutive victories against important rivals, and had shown an extraordinary game against Bucks or Sixers, among others. They convinced with their good work, they had found a certain regularity and they crushed the team in front of them without mercy. The loss to the Magic is a step backwards, but it does not completely overshadow the paultaino rise that the team was leading, which remains in third position in the Western Conference ahead of the Lakers and behind the Suns, of which it is one Single victory: the 32-17 of the Angelenos is a 31-14 for the Arizonans, who have won and have put the ground in between when they were in a technical tie with the Los Angeles team. Not so far away are the Lakers, who have done what they could without LeBron James and are only one win away from their bad brother. We'll see how things end.

The Clippers sank in the second half, posting a negative 66-45 run. That is to say, constant display of the Magic in attack, and absolute disaster of the locals in defense. Orlando only tried 9 3-pointers in that period of time, but he shot with 50% from the field and left his rivals at 32.7%, in addition to 27.3% from the line of three. The Angelenos made 14 fouls and lost 7 balls in the second half, failed to react to the incredible away bloodletting and gave up despite 28 points (with 5 rebounds and 5 assists) from Kawhi Leonard, who had the same development as his team ; in the first half he shot a spectacular 6 of 9 from the field and scored 14 points. In the second he scored the same, but a 4 of 11. And in the last quarter he sank, made 1 of 6, scored only 5 points when his team needed him most and finished with -10 on the track. A step back after a great streak that is accompanied by some doubts and that does not overshadow the streak that the team was leading. But that is still a step backwards.

At the Magic, they look to the future with optimism. They have said goodbye to a project that had to be said goodbye, and have traded Evan Fournier, Aaron Gordon and, above all, Nikola Vucevic, to get good rounds of the draft and get young people to try an eternally postponed rebuilding. And they are standing up to what they have; against the Clippers, 18 points from the promising Chuma Okeke, 12 points and 8 rebounds from Mo Bamba, 15 from Terrence Ross despite a poor shooting series (3 of 12), and 13 and 11 of the two signings of the Bulls , those who came for Vucevic: Otto Porter Jr. and Wendell Carter Jr., who had their minutes of glory and a good job for Steve Clifford, strangely accommodated in a position that we do not know if he will be in danger in the summer and with a good reputation as a trainer . The Magic now have plenty of time to think about a better future. And in the meantime, joys like the one they experienced tonight against the Clippers can be given. It is always good to give yourself this kind of tribute. Or so they say.

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