Neither Henderson ... nor De Gea

The debate at United has been in the goal for days. De Gea's absence due to his paternity has highlighted doubts with the position.


Manchester United is considering a change in goal. But we are not talking about giving Henderson the title instead of De Gea, but about something more drastic. According to the Daily Record, the English team is considering the idea of incorporating a new goalkeeper next season and starting one of the two currently fighting for the goal.

And, although at the moment it would only be a possibility, De Gea could go wrong in that situation. Henderson is seen at the club as a goalkeeper for the future. At 23 he has been in the shadow of De Gea, despite the fact that at times there have been many doubts with the Spanish. But the recent fatherhood of the former Atlético has made Henderson go to enjoy some games as an undisputed title. What happens in the future will largely depend on how well he performs in those games.

If Henderson convinced Solskjaer, we could be witnessing a cycle change in the 'red devils' goal. Otherwise, De Gea would even come back reinforced, although with the mission of convincing in the final stretch of the championship, in which United is playing nothing less than entering the next edition of the Champions League.

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