Neither Butarque reactivates Leganés

Leganés' second consecutive stumble since Garitano's return. Castellón sports a strong defensive and impenetrable version.


The Garitano effect begins to be a memory of the past. The optimistic inertia that ejected Leganés after the return of his miracle coach adds up to two consecutive setbacks that threaten to return him, once again, to the periphery of the privilege that are the play-off positions. First it was the defeat against Cartagena and now a draw against Castellón (first seen by Butarque this season) with a lot of visiting merit, although also high doses of local demerit. Because Leganés did not play his role as a big team until the second half, when (jerkily) he showed some drive, although not enough to put Garrido's men in trouble, an armored, supportive and intense team that he never felt endangered. the inviolability of its goal. The clash ended without clear occasions and with doubts spreading uncertainty to the south of the capital.

He was dressed in dark green Castellón. And what seemed to be a mere color choice in order not to match the rival sheepskin, became a declaration of intent. Military Green. Green discipline. Green despair for a Leganés that in the first part was shipwrecked on the shores of the area defended by Óscar. Failure due to other people's merit and own demerit. But before the criticism, the flattery. By parts.

El Castellón started as a military block. A display of constant help. Impenetrable barrier in an exercise of sustained solidarity that did magic on the Butarque lawn. They did not look like eleven footballers, but a cohort that moved along with the orders that Garrido, César Imperial, instilled with passion in this first act without local news. Because Leganés was very little Leganés.

He tried at the beginning by leading the ball in a sterile possession. Those of Garitano went to rest with 60% of the spherical possession, but without knowing very well what to do with the ball. Neither overflow, nor auctions, nor reduce the rival. Neither did it serve to defend him, because in a couple of robberies from Perea (especially gray) the orellut managed to plant themselves in the vicinity of Cuéllar. Without generating danger, but warning that they were there. Stalking. Expecting. Conclusion: the first act ended up in a yawn the size of Butarque and only four times (to call them something). That was nothing. That is why Garitano shook everything.

Borja and Sabin left for Eraso and Miguel. Double change to which the coach added a dose of Garitanina in the dressing room to transmute Leganés into a more intense team with more presence in the area. Even if it was by accumulation. The revolt broke into another party like the one that uncorks a bottle of champagne (soda this time): powerful at the beginning, insipid later. Just 10 minutes the push lasted Leganés, who returned to their old ways until the end of the game, unable even to finish on goal and without even shielding the courageous Castellón in his area.

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