"In Naples they signed two players who had to play by decree before me"

Fernando Llorente went through "El Larguero" and spoke about his failed return to Bilbao: "The Athletic thing got heated when De Marcos called me. They saw an opportunity to come back and they tried."


Fernando Llorente went through the microphones of "El Larguero" to review his career in Italy, the bad times in Naples and what could have been his return to Athletic.

Sampdoria: "Athletic and Sampdoria came out in the January market."

Waiting for Athletic: "Yes, Ranieri called me before the market closed. The Athletic thing got hot when De Marcos called me. They saw an opportunity to come back and they tried. I spoke with Alkorta and it couldn't be done either. Of course, going to Sampdoria, in Naples I was fighting to win the job, but when you can't, you have to look for opportunities. "

Athletic: "In the fans there would be resignations of opinions. With the president I did not get to speak. I would have liked to return to Athletic. It is the club of my life and with which I grew up. If life leads me to return to Bilbao well and if no, I'm not going to cry ".

Sadness: "I'm grateful for everything he gave me. I'm sorry to leave like that. It was very hard to go a year without playing. Things didn't get along with me and I had to make a decision."

Do the fans love you ?: "I have a lot of people in favor and people against. I don't know what would happen. There are people who may be hurt because I left. Whenever I've tried, you don't get anything. They only remember when I left. All that they leaked then are those that benefited the club. "

Make the same decision: "Whenever I was in Athletic I never thought of leaving. In the end things happen that lead you to take other paths. If the same thing happened that happened, I would make the same decision."

In time to return: "I don't know. Now I see them well with Marcelino. I have found a team in which I have recovered the illusion to play. If things go well here I would like to continue."

Cristiano: "Playing with Cristiano must be impressive. He could do his dirty work."

Critics: "He had a lot of pressure on the issue of the Champions League. Juventus signed him to win it. This year it seems that the league and the Champions are escaping them."

Departure from Juventus: "Yes, Cristiano can do anything. I didn't see him leaving Madrid. He can go wherever he wants. Any team would like to have him."

Bad in Naples: "It is not easy when you do not play and when you see that they do not count on you. You feel undervalued. It is difficult to fight like this, but despite that the opportunities did not come" .

Gattuso: "When I arrived I signed two players who had to play by decree before me (Osnimeh and Petagna). He comes to a club where two forwards sign him, it is normal that he gives them confidence.

Training without playing: "There is so much desire and enthusiasm to continue playing football" .

Italian football: "Fate brought me here. It is a league that is not easy. It is tactical, the teams are locked behind with a defense of five. The nice thing is that I have been able to enjoy three major leagues" .

Goal against City: "It was a difficult hand to interpret. It brushes my elbow but hits my hip. After scoring I had to wait until they decided if it was a legal goal."

Forwards of your class: "A very strong one of my characteristics has just come out in Norway."

Haaland: "I could play in either of the two (Madrid and Barcelona)".

Haaland and Mbappé: "They are the two future players" .

Pogba: "He has impressive conditions and a lot of quality. I saw him with all the qualities to go far. The jump to the Premier was not the best for him. In such a physical league he could not show his physical strength" .

Coach: "I stay with Antonio Conte. I experienced beautiful things at Juventus. I had a feeling with him and as a coach I like him a lot"

To understand better: "Sidgurdsson gave me a lot of assists" .

Playing: "I am having continuity and content. In Naples I was missing. Physically I feel fine" .

Final to play: "If we win it against Barça due to the revenge that in my time we played four finals" .

Liga more comfortable: "During the Athletic years I always felt very good. The Premier marveled me. It is an impressive championship, the atmosphere, the respect in the stadiums ...".

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