Nahuel lights the alarms of a Espanyol in inferiority

A goal from the winger equaled Melendo's early riser in a match marked by the expulsion of Dídac in the 38th minute. Direct ascent, red hot.


The match in Cornellà began with smoke, the one that sneaked into the stadium through the flares of the Curva, and ended with a fire. The one that comes to Espanyol after having to play outnumbered for almost an hour due to the expulsion of Dídac, and stumbling over a goal from Nahuel that now endangers the place of direct promotion of the parakeets, while Oviedo, at least, it keeps adding.

The game really started before it started. On the one hand, because Vicente Moreno had played so much to the distraction that nobody guessed the ownership of Raúl de Tomás, limping due to knee discomfort. On the other, because some 200 members of the Curva received the parakeet coach, amid flares and chants, upon arrival at the RCDE Stadium.

The spirits were noted in a whirlwind exit of Espanyol, which led very early, at nine minutes, in 1-0, An incorporation of Lluís, a right-handed side guard due to an injury to Óscar Gil, led to a dry kick by De Tomás, who repelled Femenías as best he could so that Melendo beat him, vindicating himself, as against Sporting the previous day, in his second consecutive title after much fallow.

Little by little, Oviedo was rebuilding itself, which was already guarding the parrots when Dídac was expelled, in the 38th minute, for a tackle from behind to Juanjo Nieves' ankle that Trujillo Suárez had initially considered worthy of yellow, but that Ais Reig urged him to review from the VAR. Rigorous, at least, for a Espanyol who had supposedly used Monday to complain to the Federation and the referees about their decisions. If it actually did, it had little effect.

Espanyol handled the inferiority with some ease and with a daring 4-3-2, which placed Cabrera in the band, until Ziganda gave in to Nahuel, who culminated a vertiginous counterattack with a goal by the entire squad.

Far from accepting the 1-1, or giving up the attack, Vicente Moreno opted for the epic with the entry of Dimata or that of Melamed by Lluís, although the heroic did not arrive, to top it off Pol Lozano was injured seconds after his I entered the grass, and now the second place is in danger, which remains in the hands of Almería.

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