Mumbrú: "Students have dynamite on the outside"

The Bilbao Basket coach notices more joy among his people after two victories in a row. He takes everyone to Madrid, including Rigo, to make pineapple. "When you are a humble team, any fissure can hurt you"


The two victories in a row, the first time this year, against Gipuzkoa and Betis, make Bilbao Basket see life differently. Although he has not definitively fixed anything, he is beginning to see that he is taking small steps towards salvation. For example, he has come out of the relegation zone, which is a relief, a symbolic respite. On Sunday he closes a trilogy against direct rivals in the visit to Estudiantes, already without so many urgencies, without the demands that could be if he does not get to tie the two previous games. Well, actually, the collegiate team could not be called a direct rival because it has a perimeter that many teams that aspire to the playoff already want it for themselves. Barea has arrived, a true NBA champion with the Mavericks and who was tested by Madrid, and they count Avramovic, Robertson, Jackson, Gentile ... crazy. "They have dynamite on the outside," says Mumbrú.

A Madrid by bus will go the entire Bizkaia squad, including Rigo, to make a group. Rousselle will be on the list again and it is normal for the discard to be Zyskowski again. "They have opted for Jota Cuspinera, a coach who has brought them a lot of defensive consistency and greater clarity in attack. They have players on the outside who can score in any position and at any time. Inside they have a scoring player like Brown along with Arteaga and Delgado , with a lot of activity and that put good blocks. It is a balanced team and we will have to be well in defense ", alerts the Bilbao Basket coach.

The current streak has brought "confidence and joy." But there is Mumbrú so that all this does not lead to excessive euphoria. "We can't topple now as we didn't topple before. When you win, you feel more joy for winning, but we have never lost confidence. If not, it would have been impossible to go back and compete. But it is clear that there is more joy because when you win you are happier. The work has remained the same since the start of the season. When you are a humble team, any fissure can hurt you ", reflects the RETAbet coach.

The team has between eyebrows that match of the first round against Estu, lost due to two details, two free throws missed by Zyskowski and a pat from Arteaga. "We were able to win and we fell by one point. But they have changed the face a lot," explains Mumbrú, who now has Jenkins as an offensive dagger, although he always emphasizes the value of making a group. "Having a player like John is key. To what extent is it like that they have Gentile, Barea, Avramovic, Robertson ... Jenkins played a great game against Betis, especially in important moments, and it's good to have a player like that , but the important thing is to base ourselves on the team. Sometimes there will be one that is well, other times it will be someone else's turn. You have to take advantage of the one who has confidence ".

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