Mollema is the smartest in a battle with Bernal and Landa

The Trek played their cards with Nibali, Ciccone and the Dutchman, who made the decisive attack 16 km from the finish in a test in which Bernal, Landa, Champoussin ... were seen.


Bauke Mollema won a Laigueglia Trophy that was presented as the first battle between aspiring theorists for the next Giro ... and it more than met expectations. A very broken final circuit, with four ascents and their respective twisty descents, became the scene of numerous attacks with many of the big names targeting the Corsa Rosa. There Mikel Landa was seen, who showed a great image in his debut in 2021, or an Egan Bernal who was noticed more rolling and attacked him on several occasions without success, although he was able in the group of chosen to win the sprint and finish on the second step of a podium completed by Vansevenant.

That final circuit was reached with three escapees, Juri Hollman, the very young 21-year-old German from Movistar, Nicolas Edet (Cofidis) and Mattia Bais (Androni), the strongest of a group of 10 in which Unai Cuadrado was also present. (Euskaltel). However, the selection that was produced from behind left many of the roosters present in the Italian race face to face. And they began to test themselves. Landa, who until then had been escorted by colleagues in the Ineos such as Dunbar or a great Carlos Rodríguez, tried it, although it was Bernal who did it with the most force, taking Clement Champoussin, the promising French climber of the Ag2r (22) on the wheel. years), another who will go to the Giro after the good image he left in the 2020 Vuelta.The attempt of both in the ascent to Colla Micheri did not bear fruit, since Ciccone and Mollema led the persecution, of which Landa took advantage. All regrouped, Mollema saw his moment at 16 km from the finish line and started hard. Soon he had a 20-second lead and the Dutchman was seen with a pace that is believed to be unattainable. So it would be.

Because Bernal tried again at the last level, this time alone, and he found the same answer from Champoussin, who this time was the one who hunted him down. That start selected the pursuers in five Men: the Colombian and the French, accompanied by Landa, Vansevenant ... and a Ciccone who arrived with much effort aware that his presence would be a brake on the pursuers of his partner Mollema, who was led the victory ... and the first preparation battle for the Giro.

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