Mir: "I see a lot of equality"

The champion: "Our pace is not bad. I am not the fastest, but surely I am one of the fastest in terms of pace."


Joan Mir started the second day of Test 1 in Qatar quickly and finished it before others because he ran out of useful tires for the Suzuki. He finished eighth in the combined of the two days, with good feelings and with homework for the test on March 15, because he has not yet tested the 2022 engine that Suzuki had brought.

-Has the track improved compared to Saturday?

-The track today was much better than yesterday. Today, especially in the last hours, the track was in a little better condition. At the end of the day there was no wind, but at the beginning it was quite damaging. The track changes a lot from day to night, it goes faster at night here.

-How does Suzuki use the holeshot?

-It is an issue that now seems that there are factories that are starting to use both, front and rear, to lower the bike completely. At the moment we only have the one at the front. Normally we make good starts, but it is clear that if it works for the others we will have to push Suzuki to do the rear as well. Honestly, my knowledge in this is not very good, but if you lower the bike in front ... If you lower both wheels, there is also a wheelie. The point is that the rear is a bit higher so there is less wheelie on the exit. I don't know, we have to see if it is much better or not.

-Will you return home or will you stay in Qatar between tests and the race?

-It is an issue that I have yet to close, because I am not sure if I am going or staying. The important thing is to know what everyone will do, what the drivers will do. It is important, because the team can work from Qatar, but in the case of the pilot we have to keep moving and being locked in a room is not the best. And also 15 days. If we all stay, I will be delighted with life. But if practically everyone leaves, I'm not going to be the only one who stays, it's very clear. I have not made the decision yet, I will see a little how the subject goes.

-Have you missed Brivio?

-At the moment we do not miss him, let it last. (Laughs) .

-Do you notice that there is a lot of equality?

-I see a lot of equality, we are a lot of fast drivers. Our rhythm is not bad. He is not particularly fast and I am not the fastest, but I am surely one of the fastest in terms of pace. Later, I see Aleix strong with the Aprilia, I see Maverick with a good race pace, some Ducati like Miller, who more or less is not bad. We have to see how the others are doing, but we are not far away. But here we still have three days of training, in which everything will be adjusted a lot. If we look at the times, the reality is that we are all very close. There is quite a bit of equality.

-Why did the second day end early?

-I started from the first. There are few tires here. There are only three sets of front tires, the compound that works for us, and we had to organize the day based on the tires. I started early, we tried some things we had to try, and then I did a long run of ten laps. I have also worn a tire there and then mounted another. That is the issue, I have already put the three rubbers. It was because of that, because we planned it that way.

-Have you tried the 2022 Suzuki engine?

-I have not tried it today. We will leave it for the next test.

-How do you see the rest?

-This is just training. It is clear that Valentino is struggling a bit, but we do not know if he is working only for the race or if he is pushing for a lap. It is not known. But I see Bradl very fast with the Honda, Aleix also with the Aprilia that may surprise me, and then those who we already thought could be fast.

-What about Pol with the Honda?

-Well, I don't know how it is, I haven't noticed. It won't be bad. I have not met him on the track, but in two days it will be a bit difficult for him to adapt to the Honda. You have to give the pilots time to understand a little more. It is clear that he has experience and will quickly catch it. The normal thing would not be for him to get on the bike and do record time already, it is necessary to adapt.

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