Mir: "Nothing changes to me that Márquez can return"

"I have tested the engine for 2022, which has interesting things, and we have focused on testing all the parts that Suzuki has brought," he says.


Champion Joan Mir started seventh on the first day of the second test in Qatar at the controls of the Suzuki. He was left with the desire to overcome the barrier of 1:54 and settle in 1:53, although the most important thing for him is that he has already tested the engine of the 2022 version of the GSX-RR.

-How did it go?

-Today I tested the new engine for 2022, which has interesting things and we have focused on testing all the parts that Suzuki has brought for this test. To understand what works and what doesn't. I think tomorrow we can start working more on performance for the race and take the right steps to be competitive for the GP.

-What did you find in this new engine?

-I have seen that the engine was a little more powerful on the straight, although I have not yet passed any Ducati. It seems to work well and that's a good thing because it looks like the foundation is good. The character remains the same, so we are on the right track. Hopefully after these tests we have done they will give it another twist and can do it even faster.

-If you could choose, something that cannot be done by regulation, would you mount the new engine in the Qatar race?

-Surely it has more potential, but I don't know if it would give time to adjust for the race. Besides, the Japanese do not like to do things so hastily. Yes, I can tell you that it has more potential and that can be seen by putting it on track. The speed is a little higher and in everything else it is similar to what we already have. The base is good, but I don't think this engine is the one that we bring in 2022, but they will continue to improve it.

-What else have you tried today?

-I have tested the new swingarm, which is a piece that we have yet to confirm, electronic things also that are working well. What we are trying to improve is the overall speed of the bike. This will make everything a little better and times will go down. That is the direction in which we are working. We are not focusing on improving one lap, but improving it in general. Maybe in these two days we will focus more on making it work better on a lap, because at race pace we are not bad at all. We are not the best, but we are in the top 3 top 5.

-Assessment of Honda's communication about Marc Márquez and the possibility that he will return in the first race? Do you see it as psychological warfare?

-I suppose that Marc sees the possibility of being able to be well, although he has not yet tested any motorcycle that we know of. And based on how you are, you will decide to come or prepare for the next race. I do not know. Nothing changes me. We have the package we have and we are focused on improving.

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