Message from Ramos' parents to madridismo

The parents of the Real Madrid player are optimistic about the renewal of the white captain on his anniversary.


On the day that Sergio Ramos turns 35 and his future at Real Madrid is still totally uncertain, the parents of the white center-back, asked this Tuesday about the 'Jugones' program of the Sixth about the future of their son, were optimistic: " He is not nervous at all, he is calm as always. He is totally sure that he will continue. The family decided little, but there is time for everything, "says the father. The mother, for her part, commented that she sees Ramos "great" and "in Madrid" .

A few words that may well comfort Real Madrid, as Ramos ends his contract in just two months and still does not affirm his continuity for the next season. Both the club and he do not understand each other in some aspects of the negotiation. In the absence of two months for his contract to expire, everything is still to be resolved for the maximum reference of Madrid in recent years.

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