Meriton installs Valencia in the inconsequential

Ten days to go to finish LaLiga, the team that marches twelfth, away from Europe and relegation. The situation has been repeated as long as the property handled the sports management.


Valencia wanders through the classification path of insignificance. After many days fearful of the descent and hardly any dreaming of the possibility of hunting the seventh place, ten days before the end of the classification, the Che are in a desert ruled by no one. They march 12th, they are ten points from Europe and seven from the descent, distances that except for a supreme miracle or catastrophic debacle leave them in an unambitious place in the table but also quiet.Historically, this situation is unusual in the capital of Turia -fourth team in the historical classification of LaLiga-, however since Meriton landed in 2014 it has become a recurring context every time they have decided to manage sports management. Because if on matchday 28 of the 2020/2021 campaign there are 30 points added, in the 2016/2017 academic year it was the same 30 that the squad accumulated, with the difference that it was already 14 from Europe and, yes, eleven of the descent. A similar situation occurred a season before, when the position occupied at this point was the ninth, the entity added 34 points and was seven points from Europe and eight from the decline.Valencia 2015/2016 ended matchday 27: Ninth with 34 points, 7 from Europe and 8 from relegation Valencia 2016/2017 ended matchday 27: Thirteenth with 30 points, 14 from Europe and 11 from relegation Valencia 2020/2021 ended Matchday 27: Twelfth with 30 points, 10 from Europe and 7 from relegation

What is striking is that in the two mentioned seasons Valencia finished 12th and this course is on track to repeat that same place where Meriton seems anchored when he decides to take the sporting reins of the club. What is unique is that when Peter Lim has chosen to step aside and delegate management, keeping himself the last word, success has been immediate. Three Champions League qualifications and a King's Cup validate the argument. Although its protagonists (Salvo, Rufete, Ayala and Nuno / Alemany, Longoria and Marcelino) are already the club's history.Long-term decline

The problem that positions far from Europe have become recurrent and not accidental lies in a long-term decline of the entity. Leaving aside the success of Atlético de Madrid and how it has surpassed Valencia in the historical classification of LaLiga (something that responds more to the merit of the rojiblancos than to the demerit of the che), the irregularity that the club has experienced since 2014 is reflected in numbers.

From the 2014/2015 campaign to this season, the black and white have achieved a total of 354 points, or what is the same, 59 points on average per season. Taking a look at his most direct rivals, the data leave him below: Sevilla has added 387 points since that date (64.5 on average per year) and Villarreal 356 (59.3 on average) .

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