Mbappé: Bale has the key

Madrid celebrates each good performance of the Welshman, aware of the importance of releasing his salary to throw the rest for the French.


If when Mourinho exposed Bale to the world of football, saying that he had tried to "be discreet" with the Welshman, he was thinking of provoking a reaction in him, he was completely right. The Madrid forward has scored four goals in his last four appearances since those challenging statements. In the last game, starter against Burnley, double and assist. Bale is back, and he claims it's to stay. And each good performance of his is widely celebrated in the offices of the Bernabéu, where there is no thought in recovering the player for the cause, but in the obligation to release the more than 30 million gross of his file to facilitate the hiring of the Galactic to come ... In this sense, they want to rush the options to bring Mbappé.

Any positive news regarding releasing Bale's file would be an addition to Madrid's plan to try to undertake the signing of Mbappé. Nowadays this is not available, knowing how difficult it can be to find a team that, like Tottenham this season, takes over the salary of a footballer physically limited to play two games a week. But the truth is that, within the roller coaster in which the Welshman is installed, now the English fans and the specialized press are asking for his ownership together with Son and Kane. And when Mourinho decided to give it to him, against Burnley, Bale exploded. Very good news ... At Madrid, in the best of cases, accounts are made that, by maintaining this level, the Eurocup will help to finally release the player.

Bale has a contract with Real Madrid until 2022. The loan by Tottenham has been signed, as this newspaper has learned, only for this season. The London entity is now taking over only half of the player's file, that is, 15 million euros. The other 15 are put by Madrid. But, for next season, with such low incomes (617 million projected in the white entity due to the pandemic), saving the full 30 million of his salary seems a vital matter to try to do the rest for Mbappé.

To try to bring in the Parisian star, many circumstances have to be met. The first, and more complicated, is that the player reaches the European Championship without having signed the renewal with PSG. The second, that Madrid find in extremis a formula with which it manages to equal or approach the 36 million euros net (72 gross) that PSG offers its star in salary. It is impossible for Madrid to reach that figure, but it will come close if it releases Bale's token and then completes the rest by giving Mbappé a greater percentage (or even 100%) of the sponsorship money that he generates. Bale still counts…

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