Mazepin shows his face for his controversial sex tape

"It is very important to say that my actions in December were incorrect. I take full responsibility for it," says the Russian before presenting the Haas VF-21 on Thursday.


"First of all, it is very important to say that my actions in December were wrong. I take full responsibility for it." This is how Nikita Mazepin began the interview he gave to 'ESPN' where the Russian pilot spoke for the first time openly about all the controversy that arose at the beginning of December when he published an inappropriate video on his Instagram account where he was seen trying fingering the breasts of the influencer Andrea D'lVal.

"It has been an experience that has made me learn a lot and I can firmly say that I have learned more about this type of situation. So there is something positive behind it. I fully understand that people's feelings are correct and my actions are not. They were. I am not proud of it. It is important to move forward. The people who have been with me in the last 21 years know who I am. It is very difficult to be false towards people and I am far from being like that ", Mazepin expands on this recording that He was about to get him off the Haas before making his Formula One World Championship debut 1.

A premiere that will officially take place next Sunday, March 28 at the 2021 Bahrain GP, although next week the Moscow one will have a first opportunity in Sakhir to prove their worth at the wheel of the VF-21 and change the perception of their critics about his figure at the wheel of the VF-21: "I will be as I am off the track, as I have always been. I have had my ups and downs, but it is part of life. I think my driving has to speak for me, in I think I'm a very good driver, I think I'm fast. I'm looking forward to showing people who don't like me that I have good driving skills. That can change their perception of me. "

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