Maximum equality

Extreme E, the electric SUV championship created by Alejandro Agag, has a grid made up of the same number of women and men.


Over the years, women's sport is gathering more visibility, support and fans. However, it is difficult to find a sport in which men and women compete at the same time and with maximum equality. In fact, the normal thing is the opposite, that both genders are separated in their respective leagues or competitions. That is why the new championship that Alejandro Agag has prepared, an expert in putting innovative and successful ideas into action as he has shown with Formula E, is going to be so important.We are talking about Extreme E, the electric SUV competition that was unveiled in London two years ago, which begins in less than a month (April 3 and 4) in the Al Ula desert (Saudi Arabia) and which is increasingly less unknown among sports fans, especially motorsport fans. There are several reasons for this, such as the attractiveness of its format, its locations or, best of all, its cast of pilots. Due to the presence of the Sainz, Loeb or Button at the wheel or the Hamilton, Rosberg or Newey in the teams' addresses, but also for something else.

Y is that, half of the 20 pilots are women and will race in exactly the same conditions. Each of the ten teams is made up of a woman and a man, and both will share their time at the wheel equally. The never seen, also in the engine. And that this is a discipline in which we see women like Ana Carrasco or María Herrera fight in men's worlds, and even beat them as in the case of Murcia, or like Tatiana Calderón who try to make a path to F1, but this equality had never been achieved.Furthermore, with the creation of a single-seater competition for women, the W Series, some controversy was generated for separating them from men in a sport that was not used to that. Hence, Agag's commitment to a total inclusion of women has been so applauded. Thus, there will be pilots of the stature of Laia Sanz, Cristina Gutiérrez, Jamie Chadwick or Sara Price sharing the limelight with some of the greats of this sport at the same time and place. An achievement achieved by Extreme E even before he started.

Inclusive rules

To avoid a hint of discrimination, the Extreme E rules establish how the teams must proceed to choose their driver at all times: one of the two will go for a lap with the Oddisey 21, the SUV of the championship, and then the other will go up to give a second. In addition, the elections will be confidential to ensure that there are battles between women and men. Thus, there are several pillars on which Extreme E is based: respect for the environment, awareness of climate change, commitment to electric mobility, a first-rate show and, most importantly, gender equality. Yes, it is possible.

The three Spanish women

Laia Sanz: The 35-year-old Catalan rider goes from the Dakar bikes to the Extreme E car, for the moment, to compete alongside Carlos Sainz in his team, the Acciona Sainz XE Team.

Cristina Gutiérrez: After having competed in the Dakar five times on four wheels, the last one in side by side, the 29-year-old from Burgos will team up with Sébastien Loeb under the command of Lewis Hamilton.

Christine Giampaoli: She was born in India, spent her childhood in Italy and has lived in the Canary Islands for most of her life. Now 27 years old and with experience in rallying, he will race with Hispano Suiza, a Spanish team.

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