Maverick: "We have to be grateful that they vaccinated us"

The Yamaha one is one of those that has already been vaccinated against COVID-19 and will receive the second dose between the races and two races in Qatar.


The sandstorm that littered the asphalt of the Losail circuit prevented most of the riders from taking to the track on the third day of the second MotoGP test in Qatar. In exchange, they took the opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19, due to the management of the Qatari government. Maverick Viñales was one of those who did not ride and was very happy to receive his first dose, in addition to being happy because of how he had a preseason that finished second with the Yamaha and in which he thoroughly tested the new chassis of the Yamaha. M1.

-At what point are you after the four-day preseason with a view to the start of the World Cup?

-Level we are good. I am not at my maximum, but we are not far either. I think we have done a great test. Above all, we have tested things well, with time, which is interesting and without getting lost. For that aspect, I am very happy with how the test went.

-At what level of confidence are you and what questions do you have?

-I'm more or less 70% confident. To be 100% you have to see it on a racing weekend. I prefer to be calm. Nor am I very encouraged or discouraged, but normal. We will try to work very hard on the race weekend to arrive with the best possible set-up. I feel very well and even in conditions where there was no grip we have ridden very fast, with heat, and that is something that I see as very positive.

-Have you been able to try overtaking, which was one of your weaknesses last year?

-That until you are not in the race you do not see it. In the test, maybe you go with new rubber and the other with used, which makes it easier to overtake. It won't be seen until we're in the race. What you have to understand is what is the point at which we can pass and prepare it well. We know what our weak point is, it is very clear that we know it, but we also have strong points that improve in our favor.

-Do you feel that you have been able to improve in that aspect even though you have not been able to prepare it?

-Until I see him in the race I will not be able to say.

-Have you been vaccinated yet?

-We have been vaccinated today. We have had the opportunity to get the first dose of the vaccine and we will get the second dose in 15 or 16 days, more or less. We really have to be grateful for this opportunity, because at home I have elderly people and my wife, with me traveling the world, so it is appreciated that we can have a little immunity and minimize the risk when I return home.

-Do you go home or do you have to stay there?

-I'm coming home. They let us come back.

-The second dose will be between the first and the second race. Are you concerned that there may be side effects such as muscle aches or fevers? Is that situation scary having a career a few days later?

-By terms it will be between the first and the second race. The main thing is health. If it gives side effects, to stay in the hotel and rest. From Monday to Friday there are many days to rest. We have to be grateful that we have been able to get the vaccine because there are many people who are waiting for it. It is a very great opportunity, out of respect for those at home, because we are always from one place to another and I do not want to be the person who brings the coronavirus home. It is a very good opportunity and, when they told us, the whole team was satisfied and we have done so.

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