Matthaus points to the rebels of Schalke, the worst First in Europe

The historic German player points to Huntelaar, Kolasinac and Mustafi as guilty of the situation. They only add 9 points and have had four coaches.


Schalke 04 need an absolute miracle to save themselves from falling to the German Second Division. The 8-0 conceded in September against Bayern did not bode well for an easy campaign. After an entire end of 2020 without knowing victory, the first three points came on January 9 with a 4-0 against Hoffenheim. From there, they continue in a spin, direct to the 2nd Bundesliga.

The situation does not improve and four coaches have already passed through Schalke: David Wagner, who lasted two games, Baum, from matchdays 3 to 12, Stevens, who coached one match and Gross, the last to leave. Almost more responsible than points, since those of Gelsenkirchen have barely added nine with a single victory and six draws. The remaining 16 matches have resulted in defeat. 16 exact, such as the low number of goals they carry in favor.

With this dramatic balance and nine points from the descent, Lothar Matthäus did not hesitate to point out the culprits and the names are, at least, noteworthy. Huntelaar, Mustafi and Kolasinac have been pilloried by the German soccer legend for their poor performance. "The three, being the most expected players and the ones who should pull the rest for their supposed quality, have so far been totally disappointing. It is likely that all three will leave when the season ends and cause more discomfort, although it seems impossible, "he writes in his column on Sky Sports. "After the team wore out four coaches with their performances, from now on they can't complain about anyone but themselves," he adds, also pointing to the rest of the group.

A historic one that is at risk of decline this weekend. The miracle will have to come against Mainz and a victory is demanded. If not, everything will be over. Matthäus, starts with the 'rebels' but also distributes blame. "The team has made mistakes for months, but also all the sports officials and technicians. It was flagrant, inexplicable and never seen before so many at such a level," he explains. Still, he brings the Blues to life if they win and thinks he can sign "one of the greatest miracles in Bundesliga history" .

If it happened, it would undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for all those who fight to maintain their position in first from last place because Schalke is, by numbers, the worst team in the main leagues in Europe.

The Germans add nine points to the 20 of Huesca, bottom in LaLiga (3 wins, 11 draws), which equals in Ankaragucu in the Turkish League (five wins, five draws). In Portugal, Boavista has 18 and in France, Dijon has managed to get 15 so far in the championship. Closer to him are Crotone, bottom of Serie A, with 12 points and the Dutch Emmen, who adds the same figure. Just two behind Schalke are Sheffield, who barely have 11 points in the Premier League.

At the scorer level, the 'blades' are the worst with just 15 goals in 25 games. A brand that Schalke does manage to improve even if it is for a little bit.

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