Martín and his colossal output: "One of the best in history"

He jumped from fourteenth on the grid to fourth beating Bastianini, Pol, Nakagami, Mir, Rins, Aleix, Morbidelli, Rossi, Maverick and Quartararo.


Bastianini, Pol, Nakagami, Mir, Rins, Aleix, Morbidelli, Rossi, Maverick and Quartararo started in the MotoGP race in Qatar ahead of Jorge Martín and all of them were surpassed by the rookie, who with a tremendous start jumped from the fourteenth position on the grid until fourth once the first cuva was passed. And that's being a rookie ...

The one in the Pramac Ducati is the first to be surprised with his extraordinary start in the premier class, as AS has informed him in a telephone conversation: "Everyone has been amazed at my start. I started very well and hoped to overcome a line or five riders like maximum, but going to ten I did not expect it. It must be one of the best starts in history. It has been very beast ".

When asked to put himself back in the situation for this newspaper, the Madrilenian relives the exit like this: "I have seen Pol who could not connect the output device, because now we all carry strange things on the motorcycle. I thought that he I was going through for sure and I was at least winning a place, but I came out well and ... The reaction was very good when the traffic light went off. I started to put gears, up to fourth, with what gives us to put us at 270. I saw people start to pass and I braked very late, to guarantee myself four or five more positions and, when I realized that I was next to Zarco, I freaked out. I got to pass him and I was third for a couple of curves, so that is what I take. I looked for the gap on the right, because I saw that everyone was going the other way and then I crossed to the left.

It was not a good outing by chance. The experience of other years in other categories helped Martín when it came to coping in the first one he faced in MotoGP: "I took the right lane because I have used it for other years in Moto2 and I have always been good at it."

The end of the race was not as good as the start, because he finished fifteenth, but that huge start earned him congratulations when he arrived at Pramac's box: "In the box they have freaked out with the start. I've seen it three times already and it's been brutal. I've always done well in Moto3 and Moto2 and why not also do it in MotoGP. Besides, the Ducati helps a lot because it accelerates very well. It's what being at Ducati has to do. In general, the work has been very good, although I have sinned at the beginning in not saving for the end as much as I should have and I have worn more wheels than I expected, that is why I suffered a little in the middle of the race ".

And from now on: "To progress. I have learned a lot riding in front and I have had the opportunity to fight with Rossi, Oliveira or Mir. I have taken a little of each one and it will be useful to know how to focus my work better. It is not easy to learn, because there is a lot of tension, but I have seen that I suffer with the first touch of gas, because I open a little late and that makes me lose a few meters that are very difficult to save. I have to improve at turning the bike and opening The gas a little earlier. And you have to get a little more confidence at the front to release the brake sooner. When I improve these two aspects, I will be able to take a big step forward. "

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