Marcelo triggers rumors about Cristiano: "Soon ..."

The side responded to an Instagram post about the connection that both had in Madrid with a message that gives rise to speculation.


Many are the information that is emerging as a result of the cover of As, in which it was revealed that Cristiano wants to return to Madrid. Since then, countless personalities from the world of football have spoken out about the possibility of the Portuguese star returning to the white club. The last to feed this hypothesis has been Marcelo, the Juventine forward's best friend in the merengue dressing room.

The Brazilian full-back responded on Thursday to a video posted on Instagram, in which both players are seen doing a choreography during a title celebration with Madrid. This publication was accompanied by a message in English, translated as "That Marcelo-Cristiano connection." The side responded immediately with a "Soon" (Soon) and two emojis covering his mouth and laughing.

Marcelo's response gives rise to many interpretations, since the full-back is also a player sought by Juventus for several seasons. Taking into account that he is a player that Madrid wants to get rid of, it should not be ruled out that this meeting between the two footballers would take place next summer in Turin.

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