Marc Gasol will be substitute with the arrival of Andre Drummond

According to journalist Jovan Buha (The Athletic), Marc will go to the bench and share minutes with Harrell depending on the rival and the needs.


Andre Drummond is already a Lakers player. In fact, his debut for tomorrow's game against Milwaukee Bucks is not ruled out, a very unbalanced duel in favor of Wisconsin, since the Angelenos continue (and what remains ...) without Anthony Davis and LeBron James . At least, they have minimized damage with two victories in games that they had to win yes or yes not to fall too much in the West against Magic and Cavaliers, the team that Drummond has left thanks to a buyout of the 27.9 million of his last year of contract. He has forgiven less than a million, which he will now take in LA (the prorated portion of the veteran minimum) .

Although he has not played since February 12, when the Cavs stopped having him after the arrival of Jarrett Allen in the James Harden operation, Drummond says he has remained in perfect physical shape, so he would have no problem trying to help now. leaving tomorrow to your new team. He says that he has lost more than 6 kilos since the forced break and also said, in his first appearance before the media as a Lakers player, all the things he had to say to start off on the right foot. That he came to “do whatever it took to win”, that he hoped to “spread terror in the zones” and form “a fearsome defense when Davis and LeBron return” and that he was there to “take all the blows” in the paint and relieve the work of Anthony Davis.

Now it remains to be seen the fit of the newcomer in a team that, when it comes to the inside game, lost before the season to JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard and has added Marc Gasol, Montrezl Harrell (a four that plays a lot of five) and that keeps the now-injured Anthony Davis, who serves as a center only at specific times of the regular season and whenever it is needed in the playoffs, when each game is momentous. Drummond, according to LA journalist Jovan Buha (The Athletic) will start. Perhaps part of the reason why he didn't change his mind and committed to the Lakers even though the Celtics pushed hard until Saturday, when his decision was made public. Before being in the dry dock, he had averaged 17.5 points, 13.5 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 1.2 blocks for the Cavs. Since his arrival in the NBA, Drummond (twice all star) has 44 games of at least 20 points and 20 rebounds. The next with the most in that stretch (nine years) is DeMarcus Cousins with… fifteen.

Drummond, you know, is a player with tremendous numbers who is frustrating many times from a collective perspective due to his lack of efficiency when he insists on playing the post and his gaps in defense despite his imposing physique. There he will receive the help of Frank Vogel, an exceptional defensive coach who has already worked miracles in Indiana with Roy Hibbert. The Lakers believe they can turn Drummond into the physical presence that Howard was last season, a very different profile from Marc Gasol, who will be substituted and, according to Buha, will alternate minutes as a backup center with Harrell. Depending on the type of rival and party, their presence will be greater ... or practically nil.

It's a change for Marc, of course. The Spaniard, who has just overcome a period of low by COVID, who acknowledged that he had hit her hard, has been a starter whenever he has been in a position to play (38 games) since he signed for two years and the minimum veteran to seek, after his time in Toronto, the second ring of his career in LA Marc is 36 years old by Drummond's 27, and his numerical production is much lower: this season 4.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2 assists per match. But its production at the level of intangibles and benefits for the collective goes much further. In fact, the Schröder-Caldwell Pope-LeBron-Davis-Marc quintet is the third best in the entire NBA among those with at least 250 minutes (+13.9 net rating). And the LeBron-Davis-Marc trio have a +14 net rating in 346 minutes together on the court. Vogel, who will have to manage the new rotation, has already made it clear that he has everyone and that everyone will have their moment depending on the circumstances and the rival.

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