Maradona was right: he won the battle with the Italian Treasury

La Cassazione, third degree of the Italian justice, decreed that the Argentine did not owe 40 million euros to the treasury. A 20-year long battle is over.


The fight between Diego Armando Maradona and the Italian Treasury ended today, after more than 20 years. The Cassazione, third degree of the Italian justice, decreed the victory of the Argentine, who died on November 25. He was also entitled to the same forgiveness that was granted to Naples and that had been validated by the tax commission of the southern city in 2013. The sentence puts an end to a battle, whose value exceeded 40 million euros, which caused controversy and accusations .

According to the Treasury, the Naples paid in black the salary of Maradona, Careca and Alemao through companies abroad that were in charge of the management of their image rights. All appealed and closed the case, except Maradona who left the Italian city and did not. The former Azzurro president Corrado Ferlaino, the one who closed the arrival of Diego under Vesuvius, celebrated that victory: "It was an evil act, they wanted to continue that story of the Treasury against Maradona. Nonsense, since Careca and Alemao were acquitted long ago time. Maradona could not sign the same documents because he was far from Italy and in precarious health conditions. Justice has been served today, and that makes me happy, because Maradona suffered a lot from this issue. " It is true: in several of his last interviews, Pelusa denounced the treatment of the Italian Treasury, which even hijacked his watches as soon as he stepped on the floor of the Bel Paese. The pity is that he could not enjoy this victory. It was too late.

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