Malaga and Almería, in the heat of fire by the VAR

José Gomes starred in the crack of the year after another mismatch via VAR. Malaga has complained in an official statement. Blanquiazules and Almería play it at La Rosaleda


Málaga and Almería are two of those who count their VAR penalties in VAR (follow the game live on If last week it was Sergio Pellicer who confessed to feeling "outraged" by a goal from Tenerife not observed as a foul on Juan Soriano, last Sunday José Gomes, coach from Almería, starred in the crack of the year for the now famous penalty in the 99 'decreed by virtue of the disputed arbitration technology. The sheikh of Almería, Turki Al-Sheikh, also came up on Twitter. "We have lost eight points for the referees." You can see that tweeting is a sheikh thing…

In the middle of the media storm and with the politicians of rigor giving their opinion on their social networks (what we lacked), Malaga issued a correct and neat official statement where it showed its opinion on "decisions that, in our opinion, could have been interpreted differently" . It's what you get.

Leaving arbitration science aside, Málaga once again faces another meeting on the edge as far as professional chips are concerned. Yanis and Matos are suspended and Orlando is injured as always. Jairo, Escassi and Jozabed are more than reasonable doubts. The latter is difficult to arrive. In the worst case scenario, Málaga would only have 12 professional chips, two of them goalkeepers. Dani Barrio and Juan Soriano know that, if there is no other option, they could exercise a few minutes as field players. And that is counting on the fact that Lombán, recovered from the coronavirus, will be in the call, but greatly diminished. A miracle that Málaga is moving forward.

Almería, in hot weather

Almería, for its part, arrives at La Rosaleda on fire after the refereeing suffered against Leganés, losing two points in the 99th minute and leaving the direct promotion to four points, so a new stumble today would put its goal even more uphill. Those of José Gomes are in one of their worst moments of the season, chaining three games without winning. The one that has been for much of the season the highest-scoring team in the championship has only scored three goals in the last four games and needs to take off again.

After playing last Saturday and opening the next day this Friday, José Gomes will once again pull his usual rotations, although it remains to be seen if they will be extreme, being able to get an eleven totally different from the one that acted against Leganés. One of the sure news is that of Corpas, the second top scorer. Sadiq, for his part, has options to repeat. With him in the field everything is easier for the UDA.

Aces to follow

Málaga: Luis Muñoz. He has scored five goals, all of them at La Rosaleda. He will also have to act as a midfielder due to absences.

Almería: Corpas. The ex of the Marbella will return to be holder. With eleven goals, he is in the best moment of his career. Saturday was one of the best.Details of the match

Team to the limit. Málaga will be very short of professional troops and will once again look closely at managing a line-up without going overboard with the subsidiaries.

Rotations. The rojiblancos have the trump card of the rotations, playing José Gomes to the distraction until the last moment.

In defense. The tremendous defensive error that the Cartagena goal caused should not be repeated. These imbalances do not appeal to any coach.

Auspicious visit. Almería have chained two games at La Rosaleda adding up. Last season they won (0-1) and the previous one they tied (1-1) .

Outside play. Almería is missing the offensive football on their sides. Last Saturday he created a lot of danger with Corpas.

Registrations and registrations

Málaga. Yanis and Matos are sanctioned. Orlando Sá and Ismael, injured. Jozabeb will not arrive, Jairo and Escassi are very doubtful. Lombán will be summoned after overcoming the coronavirus.

Almería: Cuenca and Ramazani are low due to the FIFA virus. Gomes did not facilitate the call.

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