Málaga also shoots against VAR

The club claims to feel "harmed" on the eve of receiving Almería and asks that it be perfected and approach, as far as possible, "one hundred percent effective."


Málaga has issued a statement this afternoon in which it claims to have felt "harmed" by several of the decisions made by the VAR this season. The errors have been numerous and, in some cases, blatant. The club has taken this step just over 24 hours to receive Almería, whose coach, José Gomes, charged hard against the arbitration establishment and against the VAR for the non-existent penalty that he was awarded this Saturday against Leganés in 97 'and that it cost the rojiblanco team two points.

The Martiricos entity considers the implementation of video arbitration "positive", but wants the tool to "be perfected" and its application "to approach, as far as possible, one hundred percent effectiveness" .

The full statement from Málaga is as follows:

“The entity wants to state that arbitration errors existed, exist and will always exist in the world of football. This is a sport where appreciation and the human factor are elements that can directly influence the game and its consequences.

The Club considers the implementation of video refereeing (VAR) in our football to be positive, as an element to help the refereeing team and improve the application of technology for dubious plays.

However, during this season there have been decisions that, in our opinion, could have been interpreted differently, and at times we have felt harmed. Likewise, the Martiricos entity trusts and hopes that the tool will be perfected over time and its application will approach, as far as possible, one hundred percent effectiveness.

Likewise, we hope that both this communication and that of the rest of the clubs that comment on the matter, serve as an impetus for the improvement of the tool and not to influence the performance of the functions of the members ”.

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