Madrid's salary cap goes up and Barça's goes down: this can be spent by each 1st and 2nd club

LaLiga has lowered the salary limit for many of the Primera teams. Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético, those that have suffered a greater reduction.


Spanish clubs already know the new maximum amount they can spend on the cost of their squads (payments to players, coaches, coaching staff, subsidiary ...) during this season. LaLiga, after the market closes and since the return of stadium fans will be delayed, has updated salary limits. At the beginning of the season, the Primera teams had a ceiling of 2,333 million euros and after the readjustments it becomes 2,224. Real Madrid remains the one that can pay the most to its squad, with a maximum of 473.34 million euros.

Javier Tebas has once again readjusted the salary caps after the transfer market closed. The teams have had to continue tightening their belts these months due to the reduction in income due to the effects of COVID. Especially for the heading corresponding to ticketing. The clubs planned to bring fans back into their stadiums little by little from January, which would alleviate part of their debt and their financial commitments. But when it did not happen, the readjustment has occurred again in many clubs to be able to comply with the economic control of LaLiga.

LaLiga has updated the salary expenditure figure for all clubs. Real Madrid, which is the one that can spend the most, has gone from the 468.53 million established at the beginning of the season, to 473 million. Barcelona, which is one of the teams facing the most financial problems and which after several years has lost the first position in this ranking, has a maximum expenditure of 347. Atlético de Madrid, leader of the First Division, has a cap of 217.

Despite the data, Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, was optimistic about the end of the pandemic and the economic recovery: "COVID-19 put Spanish football in a test. We have seen that there is an end and we can get Conclusions. Despite the 2,000 million less income, the clubs and especially the big ones have been able to endure the crisis knowing how to reduce expenses. Spanish football is solvent. It has been able to access 700 million of financing in both categories ".

He also wanted to thank all the clubs for their efforts: "We can face next season with some optimism. In other competitions there are problems with the payment of salaries, as in France. The Premier has asked for state aid and we have not. There will be no problems of treasury in the clubs. We have to thank them for their effort. Now the income will come. The salary cap for next season will possibly be higher ".

What is the salary limit and how is it calculated?

The Sports Workforce Cost Limit is the concept that collects the maximum amount that each club can spend on salaries for players, coach, assistant coach and physical trainer (inscribable squad), as well as in the branch, the quarry and other sections of the club (non-registrable staff) .

In the section on registrable sports staff, fixed and variable salary re-summonations are included (whether they are payments in money or in kind such as a house, a car or a trip ...), remuneration for transfers of image rights, the amortization of transfers, Social Security contributions, compensation for the termination of contracts, collective premiums, acquisition expenses when having to pay premiums to representatives ... 444 444

Its calculation is made from the difference between income (for television rights, commercials, ticketing ...) of structural expenses and the repayment of the expected debt throughout the season. Each team is the one that elaborates its own salary limit, but complying with the rules of LaLiga's Economic Control and that must be approved by the Validation Body. In case of having a salary limit that does not guarantee the stability of the club, this body will reduce it to an amount that if it made it possible, except for some specific concessions.

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