Madrid's roadmap for the quarterfinals: CSKA, Efes, Fenerbahçe ...

There are five games left and only Barça has a guaranteed place in the playoff. How is the situation in Madrid, Baskonia and Valencia to accompany you?


Valencia Basket and Fenerbahçe closed the European week this Friday (victory for the Taronja 66-52). There are five days left (plus some postponed games) to put an end to the first regular season with 18 teams (the previous campaign was canceled due to the pandemic) and only Barça is assured, for now, to finish in the top eight. When the Euroleague was disputed by 16, the cut to enter the playoff used to be 17 victories. On matchday 29, the eighth place is occupied by Zenit Saint Petersburg, with one less (16) and the fight for the playoff promises exciting since there are only three victories between the third place (Efes, 18-10) and the eleventh (Valencia, 15-14) .

Real Madrid (17-12) have three games left at home (CSKA, Anadolu Efes and Olympiacos) and two away (Asvel Villeurbanne and Fenerbahçe). Against those of Igor Kokoskov will close the regular course on April 8. A difficult calendar in which he must face a giant like CSKA (next Thursday) and two teams on the rise (Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe). The former has won ten of their last eleven games and the latter has only lost two of 14, precisely against Anadolu Efes and this Friday against Valencia.

The white team has a small cushion (one win more than Zenit and two more than Zalgiris, Baskonia and Valencia), but they cannot be misled. Because the big problem for Laso's team would come in the case of a multiple tie with the ACB clubs involved since their balance against Barça, Valencia and Baskonia this season is 0-6. With Zalgiris and Zenit Saint Petersburg he does have the average won.

But it wouldn't be unreasonable for him to finish in the top four either. Armani are two wins away (Madrid lost both games to Messina's) and Efes and CSKA are one, although both have a pending match and must also face Madrid in this final stretch. In the first round, Laso's team beat Efes (+4) and lost to CSKA (-1) .

Baskonia and Valencia resist with 15 victories

Baskonia won this day against the revelation team of the course, Bayern (78-71) and continues to dream of getting into the top eight, something they have achieved in the last four seasons. But what is left? He awaits the visit of Armani Milan (matchday 31) and Anadolu Efes (matchday 33) and has to travel to Saint Petersburg to face Zenit (matchday 30), to Athens to face Panathinaikos (32) and to Valencia (34) where will close the course. A schedule that is also quite complicated and, with practically no margin for error, although Zenit's defeat against Olympiacos has made things somewhat easier.

Finally, Valencia is also fully involved in the fight for the playoff after defeating Fenerbahçe (66-52). The Taronja team visit Khimki next week, then host Bayern Munich and Olympiacos before traveling to Berlin to face Alba. Finally, ACB duel between Baskonia and Valencia in La Fonteta to end the season and who knows if with a place for the quarterfinals also at stake. The taronja team is played even more than the rest of the ACB teams, because its door to the Euroleague next year is in the playoffs: if it is among the top eight it will play the Euroleague in the 2021-22 campaign, if it does not go to the Eurocup.

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