Madrid, against the ropes

Clyburn, MVP of the Final Four 2019, is uncovered after two tough years due to injuries. Voigtmann gives the lace. Whites need 2 wins in 4 days.

There is no greater ogre in Europe for Madrid than the Russian giant, it does not matter when you read this. Time passes, nothing changes. It was, is and seems to continue to be so. The balance already says 34 defeats in 54 matches. In the regular phase they score less, but this was not just any league duel. The stakes were high. For CSKA, the field factor (in Moscow there is an audience) and continue in the fight for the lead. For Real, life itself, get into the playoff. The calculator tells him that he may need two victories, the objection is that there are barely four games left and Villeurbanne awaits him in France, the unstoppable Efes and Olympiacos at home and a critical closure on the Fenerbahçe court. In serious trouble.

The defeat also left him with some impotence and some bad conscience for allowing CSKA to fly free like a bird, without interrupting his rhythm, when he arrived with the recited lesson. And with the talent at ease, he could not compete despite his commendable reprimands of pride, which kept him alive until the last minute. Voigtmann sentenced with a trippy (18 points), although Clyburn was the MVP of the day, as in the Final Four of 2019. In these almost two years he has overcome a serious knee injury and another ankle that had him KO in January and February : 23 points and 30 valuation, his best mark since November 2017. Tucking him in, Mike James and Shengelia. In Madrid, the 20 points of Thompkins, the 17 of Carroll (in 14:40) and the 13 rebounds and 6 assists of a very guarded Tavares and very punished in defense with shooting centers.

The game plan of Tavares's opponents begins to be routine. I block the ball handler and the outside to shoot, nothing to continue towards the basket. Dubljevic did it with success, a good pitcher, and Oriola, who is not so successful. And Shengelia, who defends from the triple, and then Bolomboy, who prefers shorter distances, did it this Thursday. And later Voigtmann flawlessly. The CSKA Georgian (Shengelia) started with three goals without failure to score the next three.Mike James and Clyburn, lethal streak

Madrid had struggled to enter the field, with very thick attacks without the ball going anywhere, but he got in little by little due to the power of his great pillar. Alocen connected in the continuation with Tavares and this one from the painting with a released shooter. There was a pulse (21-21 and 28-29), the success of the Russian interiors was not the problem then, but the advantage that the exteriors took in various imbalances that allowed James and Clyburn to launch with faith from frontal positions. The enormous talent of both did the rest.

The white defense was not up to the task, even allowing very harmful second options, the few that CSKA granted, on the other hand, which reached the break with 10 of 19 in triples (16 of 34 at the end, 47%), 16 points per beard for James and Clyburn. The point guard made all his field shots in the first half. The forward made three triples without failure in the second quarter, a 2 + 1 and four more free throws. A torrent that devastated everything (41-55), which Madrid opened the floodgate and could no longer stop. Nor can we fight it with a similar flow, because it lacks such a arsenal.

The Carroll 'earthquake '

The key, warned in the previous one, was to clip the wings of the Red Army. And he gave him two to spare until the third quarter, at which point CSKA embraced its maximum income: +20, 43-63. With the break done and after two cannon shots from Thompkins, Real got back on duty. He increased his toughness and concentration, back and to face the rim in close positions. Carroll caused a small earthquake, his presence always disturbing the enemy (two triples, one with an additional tip). Causeur gave another push (as a forward with Deck at four) and put his team at five: 69-74.

Shengelia committed his fourth personal and Madrid saw options on a horizon that obscured the talent of 2.11 Voigtmann, who went on to exercise five against Tavares. First, he hung onto the hoop for speed; then triple by size: 70-81. There seemed to be no other gear to engage, although Laso's men continued to fight to the end. That the defeat was predictable does not make it less harsh. It's time to row, four days in whitewater.

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