Madness at the Palau: Fuenla makes a mess and Barça survives

First, Fuenla was three up with 16 seconds to go; then, he lost a ball with a draw and possession. Maximum bundle in a final heart attack.


There are days when things simply go wrong. The strange thing is that it comes out so crossed and that this fact affects both parties, not just one. This is what happened in a Palau Blaugrana, in a bad basketball game, but one that had a great deal of emotion and heart attack. Fuenlabrada was about to give the biggest blow (81-79) of the season, a victory at the home of Barcelona, a team full of stars, which would have helped them in the fight for salvation and would have also been the first match won in its history at the Palau. And they had everything in their favor, after enduring the initial pull, going to rest alive, resisting the attacks of the Barça team even when things had become very uphill, and sending with a handful of seconds to go.

There was no way. Not with everything in favor, Fuenlabrada was able to prevail. The winds of change promised with the promotion of the assistant coach, Josep María Raventós, seemed such, but the performance of his team can be defined with a very typical topic: play like never before, lose like always. Raventós replaced Javier Juárez, who did the same with Paco García, but neither one nor the other manages to keep Fuenla away from the danger of relegation. They continue, after all, with seven victories, only one more than Betis, Bilbao and Acunsa GBC. These last two, by the way, are the only ones in the lower part who have not opted for a change in the benches. Ironies of fate. None of them have beaten Barça, of course, something that only ASVEL has done in all of 2021 and that no one other than Valencia gets in the ACB, at the beginning of December 2020. Big words.

Alexander's energy and Barça's continued lack of success gave air to Fuenlabrada, who went four up at half-time (31-35) in a way that was as unexpected as it was deserved. The demerit of Barça consisted, mainly, in failing a mansalva of triples almost without shame, in an atrocious way: they were 1 of 13 at halftime and 5 of 24 at the end of the game, an embarrassment from which only Abrines was saved, who scored 3 of 6 attempts. If we take away from him, 2 out of 18. Words are unnecessary. If Barça did not succumb prematurely, it was due to the rival's gripped nerves and the energy that Artem Pustovyi, Rolands Smmits and Brandon Davies put in the area, who finished as the top scorer of the match (23 points), thanks to their great series since the staff line (13 of 14). They were the ones who boosted the 19 offensive rebounds that kept the locals alive in the game.

An incomprehensible end

The key moment was in the third quarter: Fuenla went to 40-47, but an 11-0 run supported by some very good minutes from Bolmaro seemed like the beginning of the end; Fuenlabrada recovered and took the game to the end, with a strangely safe basketball that did not get the nerves that gripped the wrists until the key minutes. Before that, at 76-74 for Barça, Novak (14 points) had two free throws. Missed the second, Meindl (11 + 11 + 3) caught the rebound, took a 2 + 1 and scored the additional. Melo Trimble (17 points) had a chance to close with two free throws, but only scored one. Calathes followed suit on the other side before an offensive rebound allowed Smits to tie the game.

And the rest, you know: madness, heart attack and visiting pain. Novak lost the ball after a time-out for playing a pass that went nowhere. Calathes fell short, Davies caught the umpteenth Barça offensive rebound and resolved after the foul. Novak, with his archaic and strange shooting mechanics, still had the opportunity to sentence with a triple and put the finishing touch to an end that nobody understood. The ball did not go in and the victory fell to the side of a disgruntled (visibly) Jasikevicius team. Pau Gasol, who watched the game with a mask and together with Nikola Mirotic, made formal greetings to some rivals who wanted to shake his hand. And they left with a hug from the Spanish legend and a lost historic opportunity. Things that happen

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