Lukaku dethrones Cristiano

According to a KPMG audit report, the Belgian forward is the most valuable player in the Italian league ahead of the Portuguese. Mbappé has the highest price in world football.


The KPMG auditor has produced a report of the most valuable players in the world, according to their market price. The analysis leaves several curious facts. One of the most striking is that Cristiano is no longer the most valuable footballer in the Italian league. The Portuguese has been ousted for the first time from that ranking by Lukaku. The Belgian forward is valued at 104.6 million euros, while the five-time Ballon d'Or is valued at 63.9 million.

France's Mbappé is the world's most valuable player for KPMG analysts, with an estimate of € 185 million. The PSG crack is accompanied on the podium by Englishmen Harry Kane and Sterling. Both are valued at 125 million. The top ten positions are distributed as follows: Sancho, (117.6), Neymar (115), Salah (115), Rashford (115), De Bryune (113.5), Alexander-Arnold (110.8) and Mané (110). While Haaland, the great sensation of the season and one of Madrid's objects of desire, occupies the eleventh position, with a value of 110 million.

As for the Spanish League, João Félix, who occupies the fourteenth position in the table, is the most valuable player. Its appraisal reaches 97.8 million. Another of the curious data is the one related to the Spanish soccer player with the highest value. This outstanding honor goes to João Félix's teammate at Atlético Saúl Ñíguez. The Alicante midfielder occupies the twenty-first place in the ranking, with a value of 85 million. You have to go back to thirty-fourth position to find Messi. The Barcelona star is valued by the KPMG report at 74.5 million.

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