Luis García Plaza: "Mallorca is a history of Spanish football"

Real Mallorca celebrates 105 years leader of the Second Division two days after Cartagena's visit. The leader will continue first whatever happens against Cartagena.


The Mallorcan team knows that, whatever happens this day, it will continue to lead due to its four-point advantage but it does not enter into the calculations of the vermilions to miss opportunities to stay on top with the greatest possible advantage.

And the appointment comes in the middle of the anniversary of the Balearic club that celebrates 105 years of history this March 5, although for obvious reasons, without any kind of celebration.

The Mallorcan coach, Luis García Plaza, refers to the history of a club that is more than one hundred years old: "Every year it is because the club is meeting objectives and is growing, and this tells you the tradition and history of this club and all the people behind it, I said it the day of my presentation, Mallorca is a historical of Spanish football, sometimes in the Second Division, sometimes in the First Division, and even in the Champions League, take a look at what we are talking about, and some time in second B, unfortunately not long ago of that, and I hope that I can continue to celebrate years and above all continue to grow and improve, and try to be in First division. "

Entering the game, the Mallorcan coach is concerned about the significant state of improvement in which Cartagena has entered in the second round, and argues it based on the winter market: "It is another team, there are teams that improve with an evolution of their players and this team has changed, simply with the arrival of the January market, with that they have changed ".

According to the Madrilenian "I believe that with this squad that he has now, if he had been from the beginning, he would be in the middle of the table without any problem", and he reviews the latest results of the Murcian team: "it not only comes from winning Leganés, It has also beaten Oviedo, it has tied with Sporting in Gijón and it has tied with Rayo Vallecano, be careful with this team, it will save itself without any problem, it is no longer the team that was having a really bad time, I think Now he has a squad to be in the middle of the table without any problem, but of course he still carries the burden of the points from the first round ".

With all this, Luis García assures that his team has to play "a good game to beat them", and emphasizes that "as we do a regular game, we are not going to win", adding that "the objective is to change the digit and get to 60 points, something that would be very nice. "In the last match played with a 0-1 victory in the Logroñés field, Luis García stated that the responsibility of his players has reached such a level that upon reaching the locker room he detected that there was no happiness for having won but rather uneasiness for the game played And in this sense, the Mallorcan coach points out that he wants "the players to enjoy", ensuring that "they are so demanding that they regret not having played a game as complete as on other occasions and I have told them that you cannot be so perfect for 42 days, so we have to enjoy it, and since we beat Cartagena and we don't enjoy it, I'm going to give each of them three slaps to wake up, because we have to enjoy what we are doing ".

With regard to the game, the coach has not yet recovered the injured Oliván, Galarreta and Sedlar and everything indicates that the same list of summoned from a week ago will be repeated. Another thing is that changes can occur in the starting eleven with the entry of players such as Sastre, Álvaro or Mollejo.

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