Löw or Raúl, there is a Plan B

For Zidane to continue would be a good sign, that Madrid goes far in the Champions League and in the League ... But the club anticipates a hypothetical departure from the French coach.


A Florentino achieved sporting success in Madrid with the movement he least expected. When he chose Zidane for the bench, the president was in an extreme situation. The entire Bernabéu had just asked for his resignation in a Clásico held in November 2015. Madrid lost 0-4 to Barça. Benítez was marked. There were not enough cached trainers on the market. In this context, Zidane was a shot in the air in the president's sports strategy, who was actually looking to buy time until the end of the season to find the best option. And the best option was Zidane, who ended up winning three Champions League in a row and two Leagues, the great deficit in Florentino's own record.That is why the surprise resignation of Zidane after the final in Kiev caused such a visible earthquake in the entity. Florentino saw himself again in the same position. No sports constraints this time, but with the need to find the right man for the bench in record time. He launched the probe balloon for Mourinho's return, Pochettino rang, but Tottenham had it just renewed; the young Nagelsmann, a stranger; Allegri, who declined the offer, according to the Italian himself, later confessed ... The president of Madrid was forced to make an extreme move: remove Lopetegui from the National Team just a few days before the start of the World Cup. The experiment went wrong and he had to turn to Zidane again over time.

Now, although it is clear that the best option for Madrid is for Zidane to continue, with a contract until 2022, because that would mean that the team has gone far in the Champions League and the League, the entity wants to anticipate the next move. The man chosen was Pochettino, but times have not accompanied the Argentine coach, who was without a team and whom PSG has taken. For this reason, Florentino has resumed his old aspiration to incorporate Löw, or at least handle him as an option with Raúl, the most feasible, since the mythical seven would be a continuation of that model that has given such good results: a myth of Madrid, credible for the players and that began in Castilla.

Raúl or Löw, Löw or Raúl, is the plan without Zidane. The German has already said publicly that he will leave the German national team after the European Championship. But he had been launching ads since 2018. "It is also clear that most of my time as a national coach is over, so the time will come when you have to think about what to do next. I, for my part, remain interested in direct a club, "he told the ZDF in 2018. "I think it would be abroad, not in Germany," he continued. "Real Madrid is an interesting club for every coach." And he dropped the bomb. Since then, he has been going to an academy to learn Spanish…

Those words from Löw were said shortly before Zidane's resignation after winning his third Champions League. Then, his name began to sound strongly along with those of Mourinho, Allegri, Pochettino or Nagelsmann. And he was forced to come to the fore to say publicly that he ruled out Madrid to lead Germany in the 2018 World Cup. But now it is official. He puts an end to his love affair with Germany after the European Championship and that places him, along with Raúl, in all the pools to occupy the Madrid bench after Zidane.

The only problem for Löw in his intention to coach Madrid is called Raúl, a real surprise for the club since he began his career as a coach at La Fábrica. The achievement of the Youth League with the Juvenil Sub-19 was the definitive accolade he needed, and this season he is embroidering it in front of Castilla. He has better numbers than Zidane when the Frenchman took over the first team. "He is very daring tactically, more than Zinedine when he was in Castilla," they say from inside La Fábrica. He has added 17 of the last 21 points in play for the subsidiary and enters the next and decisive phase (the points from the previous phase dragged down) that starts on April 4 well positioned. Promotion is a palpable possibility. As it is that I ended up directing the first team soon.

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