Löw explains his goodbye: "I'm not going for the match in Spain"

"Fifteen years as a coach is a long time, and in the fast-paced football business it is practically an eternity," explained the German coach.


Two days after announcing his decision to step back as German coach after 15 years in office, Joachim Löw appeared at an exceptional press conference to explain the reasons that led him to take a step back. In addition to making it clear that he intends to say goodbye by lifting the European Championship in summer, the 61-year-old coach spoke about the following topics:

Goodbye: Fifteen years as a national coach is, of course, a long time, and in the fast-paced football business it is practically an eternity. I am very, very grateful to the DFB for always having the trust and support that I have needed for my work over all these years. I am grateful to the people with whom I have traveled this path. They were lasting and important experiences for me. We supported each other in many situations, even when it was difficult. That's what remains, in the end. I am also proud of our successes. I am also grateful for defeats and disappointments, because we draw strength from them. With the title of world champion, we achieved incredible success together.

Reasons: It was not for the party of Spain. Last year he had time to think. And I feel like now is the right time to make way for someone else. I think that the generational change that we started was absolutely successful. Current players still lack a bit of experience, but they have incredible potential. I am deeply convinced that this young generation will reach the top in 2024. This home tournament has to be a blast. I was there in 2006, there was enthusiasm in the team, in the entire German society. This led to renewal and a change of thoughts. I want it to be like that again in 2024. When a tournament is held in your own country, it can cause a lot of changes and renewals. Now is a good time to go. I don't see myself in that position in 2024. When it comes to renewal and energy, now was the right time for me to take a step back.

Critics: They did not influence my decision. This kind of agitation was important. I have confidence in this team. The 6-0 loss to Spain was a setback. We were all disappointed. However, we were on the right track. But it had nothing to do with my decision. I did not take it in November or December, but now.

Müller and Hummels: I would like people to listen to me when I say things. I never opened or closed the door for them. Normally you shouldn't interrupt a generational change. But the Pandemic can change everything. Our decision-making for the European Championship will begin in early May, and then we'll see. But a coach doesn't think about the effect his decisions have on public opinion. He takes them thinking about what is best for the team and what guarantees the greatest possible success.

Impulses: There are certain situations in which you have to contribute different ideas. A tournament in your own country will cause an explosion. I think it is important that a coach has the time he needs to contribute his ideas. It won't be possible in a few months. In 2010 we had a similar situation. We came from difficult years and we had to focus more on our game to be among the best in the world. We had a very young team with little tournament experience. These players were also given the time. Four years later, we became world champions. This young team is similar. The players today are a bit like Schweini, Khedira, Boateng. It is important that they continue to mature.

Personal future: I do not rule out anything. I haven't really thought about what I'll do in the future, I'm focused on the Euro. What comes next will be seen.

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