Lorenzo gets into another puddle

Lorenzo has every right to say what he wants, but that "I already said it" referring to a fall is not very elegant.


Jorge Lorenzo is a great motorcycling champion. He has earned a hard-earned retreat away from the circuits. Young, rich and healthy, which is no small thing after having risked his life so many Sundays on the circuits of the whole world. Now he savors everything he could not in his long stage as an elite driver, from exotic trips to luxury cars, passing through pleasant friends, champagne and good food, which he shows all on his social networks. However, I have the impression that the Mallorcan yearns for a certain dose of popularity, of that fame that often overwhelms and then is missed. Three days ago he asked his 1.6 million followers on Twitter if they would like to know their impressions of the MotoGP test in Qatar. 59.93% of the more than 10,000 who voted did not show interest in the matter, although as the survey was not binding, of course, Lorenzo offered his opinions on the matter.

Personally I find it interesting to have the vision of an expert with his knowledge in MotoGP, so I appreciated his effort to offer his particular point of view on what was happening in Losail. What I have not liked so much, as I have already commented on some other occasion, is his tendency to embark on controversies, I would say unnecessary. Of course, Lorenzo has all the right in the world to express what he wants, it would be more, but that of "I already said it" referring to the fall of another rider is rather inelegant. I do not even enter to assess whether or not he is right, which would be debatable as everything, what I question is the inappropriateness of the assertion and the revanchist background that oozes. So much so that there have been other riders, the kind who continue to risk every time they get on the bike like he did until recently, who have rebuked his attitude. And a dialectical brawl on social networks has been unpleasant and not exemplary. It would have been better to avoid it ...

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