Llorente, an infinite growth

The Atlético midfielder has increased his value from 16 million in April 2020 to 70 in the new Transfermarkt estimate. Add 10 goals and 9 assists.


Marcos Llorente has no roof. The 26-year-old midfielder continues to reinvent himself day by day and his work is paying off. The undisputed titleholder for Simeone, the '14' has re-entered the list of Luis Enrique's National Team after debuting on November 11 and wants to be in the next Eurocup.

For this, their numbers speak for themselves. A wild card for Simeone, who has used him as an arriving midfielder, his ideal position, inside right, second forward, forward, pivot, right lane, side ... always with a remarkable performance. So much so that it is an assist from what, using a basketball term, could be defined as double-double. Llorente adds 10 goals, nine of them in the League and one in the Champions League and nine assists, eight in the domestic competition and one in the European, to have participated in a definitive way in 19 goals, something unthinkable when he arrived at Atlético.

Signed from Real Madrid as a pivot, bringing him closer to the area has been Simeone's greatest triumph, finding a colossal offensive player that probably not even Llorente himself knew existed. If his performance has not gone unnoticed by the national coach, he has not done it for his football price either. According to the specialized website Transfermarkt, Marcos Llorente has gone from being worth 50 million in January to 70 in March, a figure that in LaLiga only exceeds Oblak (€ 90M), the most sought-after in the competition, João Félix (which drops from 100 to 80 ), Messi (80), Ansu Fati (80), De Jong (80), Ter Stegen (75) and Courtois (75) .

All of them players or consecrated or with a huge future ahead, but where Llorente's jump has been shocking and unsuspected. Looking back, the '14' reached the stoppage due to the pandemic in April 2020 with a descending price, which placed it at 16 million in value. That is to say, in a year it is close to five times its value, going from 16 million to 70. A player who after the Anfield night has uncovered himself and has had one of the most brutal growth rates in LaLiga and in the world of football.

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