Llorente and Suárez launch the leader

Atlético traced Muniain's goal and moves Barça away to six points and Madrid to eight. Llorente equalized at the edge of the break and Suárez scored a penalty.


Atletico had to suffer more than ever to win a victory that has its weight in gold. Llorente and Luis Suárez, with their goals, launch a rojiblanco team that detaches itself from its rivals. Barcelona is six points away and Real Madrid, eight. The leader had to row a lot to overcome Muniain's goal. Athletic lacked going for 0-2 when they had their rival against the ropes. The Cholo team did take advantage of the game that it had postponed and faces the final stretch of LaLiga with more strength and rearmed.

Atlético started the game very well and ended the first half in the same way. The rest was from Athletic. The Madrid team took to the field with a different system and with the novelty in the eleven of João Félix, starting this time after his substitutions against Villarreal and Real Madrid. A 4-1-4-1, with Koke ahead of the defense and Lemar and Marcos Llorente ahead. João Félix and Carrasco played open to the sides. Well planted, Atlético handled the ball, had no chances, but did lock Athletic behind. Everything went well until Muniain's goal came in with a good clearance and an assist from Williams. The game changed at that moment, it gave tranquility to the Bilbao team and Atlético fell apart. Athletic had the possession, the handling and for a few long minutes only players from the visiting team were seen with the ball at their feet. Muniain played, Raúl García received, Unai López and Vesga paused the game ... Atlético was very lost and their only arrivals were with long shots from Carrasco.

Marcelino's team applied very high pressure and Atlético did not have the ability to get the ball fluently. And when he had it and João Félix appeared, the players of the Basque team stopped him at fault. The goal is for him not to turn around and not be able to face. For a while the possibility of 0-2 flew over the Wanda Metropolitano. Marcelino's team lacked going for the second goal because few times the leader has been seen so at the mercy of a rival. Atlético did improve in the last minutes and found the goal in a goal to the bottom line of Lemar with a center back so that Marcos Llorente sent his head into the net. The Madrid thing is to analyze. He plays back, in the center, on the wing, has shot, arrival ... Atlético tied in the last action of the first half, in discount, and it was almost miraculous for Simeone's team, who reached the locker room thanking for both.

Comeback ... and to protect Oblak

In the beginning of the second half, the leading role belonged to Luis Suárez, the other player who throws Atlético in difficult moments. The Uruguayan 'manufactured' a penalty that ended with 2-1 on the scoreboard. Having such a player, with that coldness and that packaging is priceless. He did everything right, from the penalty play to the launch. Gone are the days when taking a penalty at Atlético was a lottery.

The leader took the lead in a couple of specific actions. After suffering the unspeakable, the Cholo men started the second half in favor of the current. And they had their best minutes, with Lemar distributing the game and Carrasco trying to unbalance his band. Athletic was no longer the one in the first half, although it went forward to achieve a draw, with the risk of some deadly counterattack by its rival. The changes came, outside João Félix and Luis Suárez in an Atlético that sought to control the match. Atlético also changed pieces. The Cholo team had a couple of cons to score, but they went up without faith. All efforts were aimed at closing Oblak's goal. Simeone and his team celebrated the triumph in style.

Photos from as.com
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