Leganés pays his particular tribute to Quique San Francisco

The pepineros dedicate their online poster to him with one of their most famous phrases. "Let's be aware of the hell of a miracle that is to be alive."


Quique San Francisco was an unleashed fan of Real Madrid, but surely Leganés fell in love with him, paraphrasing that traditional incontinence that so marked his humor and personality. Because Quique was not one of those who defended his team by making less of the rest. So much so, that he even declared himself 'Guardiolista' on occasion, because of that football that Pep and his boys proposed. Although they dressed as a heretical Blaugrana. This was San Francisco.

In matters of football styles, the Lega is not that it has marked a time to fall in love with this genius of laughter, but it is a benchmark institution in terms of its fresh and carefree proposal. Horny, what a day the comedian himself, died yesterday at 65 years old and whom Leganés himself has honored in his latest online poster, the one that promotes the duel against Castellón in Butarque next Saturday (18:15) .

Although this time the game is the least of it. A minor excuse that, coincidentally, passed by here. The important thing is the tribute to a character who with his close and neighborhood style could well be an ambassador of the values proposed by this Leganés with an easy laugh and a perennial smile. An attitude towards life. As was Quique San Francisco.

"Let's be aware of the hell of a miracle that is to be alive," he often said. The phrase was stolen by Leganés to make this poster in which the silhouette of San Francisco dominates a sunny Butarque with a beautiful blue and white sky, how could it be otherwise.

“At your side we have less grace than an own goal. Enrique San Francisco, DEP #GraciasQuique ”, reads the text with which Leganés accompanies this poster prepared by the Huguin and Munin agency and its communication department and which could also be a tribute to how Leganés is facing this return campaign to Second with the occasional swing, but without neglecting his options to be, again First team. Perpetual optimism like the one represented by Quique San Franscisco, an unleashed Madridista that Leganés was sure to feel “like a fucking” .

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