Laso: "If I didn't think we were going to win, I would go on vacation"

The Real Madrid coach was one of the protagonists of the Luis de Carlos Forum, which commemorated the 90 years that the white section has served.


The basketball section of Real Madrid turned 90 years old this Monday (1931-2021) and the White Club Foundation organized its traditional Luis de Carlos Forum with six Madrid legends: Clifford Luyk, Alberto Angulo, Alberto Herreros, Pablo Laso, Sergio Llull and Felipe Reyes. "My first memory is always the Christmas Tournament. I lived in Vitoria, but my family was from Madrid and we spent Christmas there. It was the best for me to be able to go to the Sports City," recalls Pablo Laso. "The final of the European Cup of Sabonis and Arlauckas stuck with me," added Felipe Reyes, who remembered how the basketball bug got into him after watching a McDonalds Open between Real Madrid and the Boston Celtics.

This Thursday (21:00, Dazn) there is Clásico, but without Sergio Llull, who underwent surgery a couple of weeks ago for knee discomfort. "I'm already going without crutches. The operation went great and I'm already working to return as soon as possible," says the Menorcan, who from all his moments as a Madridista would stay with "the Euroleague in Madrid in 2015" and gives the DNA of the white team: Surrender, sacrifice, not giving up a game for lost and leaving every last drop of sweat on the court ".

Laso insists that "the public doesn't shoot baskets, but it helps a lot." "We are looking forward, I think everyone, to return to normality. It is something basic for us and for Real Madrid." And he believes that Madrid will finish the course as league champions. "If I did not believe that we were going to win the League, I would go on vacation. Now I have other previous objectives in mind: it is in my head to enter the Euroleague playoff, be at the top of the Endesa League and surely compete for the Liga. If you did not believe it, we would go badly. We know how difficult it is, the quality of the rivals. We talk about Barça, Baskonia, Valencia, Tenerife, Unicaja ... great rivals. But our goal and our path does not change. Everyone wants win against Real Madrid, but we do not want to give our arm to twist ".

Clifford Luyk praised the game of the new Madrid and Laso thanked him: "I have always had the idea that basketball is a dynamic sport in which there is a lot of intermediate play. Basketball forces us to do many things well. to be that: that he is able to play in the open field, that he hooks the fans, that he has a rhythm, that when someone watches a Madrid game they say 'hell, I identify with this team' ... Winning is very important, but the how was also important to me ".

Luyk: "The golden decade of Real Madrid was the 60s"

Clifford Luyk reviewed the first decades in white history. "In the 50's there was a lot of tomato. Saporta came in and revolutionized the basketball section. He was a genius. I don't want to throw flowers on us, but the golden decade was the 60's. We won 20 titles, just playing the European Cup, League and Cup and we had a pioneer like Emiliano. He did as much in basketball as Santana in tennis or Ballesteros in golf ".

Alberto Angulo, director of the club's youth squad, believes that working at Madrid is easier: "When children come here they have the desire to reach the first team. They have their idols and they want to be and look like. It is easy to transmit values to them having to those idols. " Finally, Alberto Herreros, who as a player would stay with his arrival ("You already know it was not a simple signing") and with his last game (La Liga in Vitoria with Herreros' triple), spoke about his experience in the offices : "It is important every day. Knowing what players we have and bringing hungry people and knowing where they come from."

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