Las Palmas entrusts Jesé against Rayo Vallecano

All roads lead to him being a starter this afternoon. Casualties oblige. The Iraola boys accumulate four days without knowing the victory.

The day that marks the first two thirds of the season, 28 games of the fierce Second Division calendar, can be a point and a separate point in the respective careers of Las Palmas and Rayo Vallecano (follow the game live on It happens that the insular formation has a new opportunity to prove itself, as it did so many times this course, then its image wasted against teams from the lower zone, no better example than that of Castellón, which can fight face to face with the greats of the category and think about promotion via playoff. All this, of course, with staying far enough away to think of something else. For its part, the franjirojo team, which has accumulated four games without winning, needs three points at a stroke to stop its free fall. For the boys of Iraola, going up to First remains an unalterable objective.

As Pepe Mel dropped yesterday, this could be Jesé Rodríguez's starting debut match after two substitutions. It happens that necessity forces: Araujo was expelled in Castellón, Rober is overcoming the consequences of COVID-19 and Mendes and Espiau have different physical ailments. Therefore, and always waiting for the training session that Las Palmas carries out on the morning of the game when he plays at home, the doubts are so many and so varied that, whatever happens, Elejalde, from the subsidiary, will be called up.

Las Palmas also lost to the sanctioned Dani Castellano, for the moment Benito beat Jonathan Silva for occupying that left lane behind. Maikel Mesa could regain his place after serving a sanction in Castellón, while the Ruiz-Castellano couple remains unchanged for the time being. For the center of the field, the UD recovers Clemente, already with sufficient physical guarantees after overcoming COVID-19, although Mel himself confirmed that he will start the game from the bench, the stands in this case, a rule of social distance taken to the extreme .

Bad timing

The Lightning is not going through its best moment. The Madrilenians are immersed in the worst pothole of the season, chaining four games without winning (two draws and two losses) and adding five of the last 18 points at stake. These figures have made them one of the worst teams in the second round, only surpassed by Logroñés. One of the reasons for this bad streak lies in the number of goals conceded, hence Iraola has opted for rotations in the goal, where Luca and Dimitrievski alternate.

The Basque coach, who once again hides the cards and will not offer a call, will have a key man available: Isi Palazón. The winger confirmed his recovery in Networks, after having tested positive for coronavirus and being low against Málaga and Ponferradina. On the other hand, Iraola will not be able to count on Saveljich due to a sanction and will have the doubts of Mario Hernández, Comesaña and Velázquez, who drag inconveniences. So everything indicates that the youth squad Martín will accompany Catena in the axis of the rear.

Not too many changes are suspected in the franjirrojo eleven, where Guerrero will repeat as an offensive reference, seconded by the team's top assistants: Andrés Martín (five) on the right and Álvaro García (six) on the left. With Ponferradina on their heels in the fight for that sixth place, the Vallecanos feel forced to step on the accelerator to lose those playoff positions that have occupied 70% of the matchdays.


Defensive fragility:

Las Palmas you must stop the defensive bleeding. In Castellón he conceded four goals, which leads him to form part, with 36 against, on the podium of the category in such a worrying classification. Rayo is not doing better in this regard either, with 11 goals conceded in the last 6 days.

Left Band:

The offensive game of Rayo is mainly channeled by the band occupied by Fran and Álvaro. The Garcias and their association are synonymous with danger.


Sergio Ruiz:

The Cantabrian midfielder happens to be the compass of Pepe Mel's team. His powerful arrival from the second line is missing. The progress of Las Palmas happens because it recovers its best level.


He has settled in the eleven and his first scorer came last week against Ponferradina. It will be the watchtower of the Ray above.

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