Laporta, everything to Haaland

He wants to build Barça 2021-22 around Messi and the Norwegian. Praise, his other goal. Éric García, closed. Depay or Agüero and a midfielder, the other reinforcements.


Erling Haaland (7-21-2000) is Joan Laporta's great obsession to give Barça splendor 2021-22. About the Norwegian from Borussia Dortmund and the renewal of Messi, the new president of Barça wants to build his project 2.0. Laporta wants to take advantage of his closeness with Mino Raiola, Haaland's agent, to try to explore economic avenues that make the signing of the Nordic possible. The elimination of the Champions League left Barça with two crude conclusions. The first, that he does not have a center forward. The second, that he runs out of money to try to sign him because being in the quarterfinals had put him ten million euros in the box and many more if he had advanced in the competition. But even so, Laporta believes he has the tools to make the operation viable. He's already at it. The club intends to issue bonds, known as Laporta bonds, which allow it to have liquidity in the shortest term despite the club's crushing debt (1,173 million euros). Barça must also face short-term payments close to 200 million euros. But Laporta is also clear that, if he wants to get income in the future to fix the club's economy, he will have to have a winning team. The famous virtuous circle.

And after Haaland, David Alaba (24-6-1992). The Austrian center-back and left-back is Barça's other great goal for next season. As As advanced, Joan Laporta met last week with his representatives, Pini Zahavi and Fali Ramadani, to ask them to hold out and not close the deal with any club. Laporta believes he has the advantage of offering Alaba the undisputed ownership, something that would not happen in Madrid if Ramos and Varane continue (as in Madrid he will put Benzema ahead). Some sources drop that the option of Barça seduces Alaba but, once again, the Barça club will not have much liquidity. Less if Messi ends up renewing and Haaland is the number one goal.

Laporta is aware that he needs two or three signings to change the air of Barça and turn it into a differential club. In its first stage, it incorporated Ronaldinho in the 2003-04 season; and to Etoo in the 2004-05 season. On these two players he built the winning team of 2005 and 2006, completed with incorporations such as Márquez, Edmilson, Van Bommel or Giuly.

Laporta also thinks about these secondary ones. The first of them will be Éric García. Laporta will respect the agreement that the player sealed with Barça last October and that could not crystallize either then or in January. The Barça also needs another forward of distribution. The club has also agreed since last October the signing of the Dutch Memphis Depay, but here there may be changes. The representative of Kun Agüero offered the Argentine to the three candidacies. Like Depay, contract ends. If Agüero is a key leg for Messi to continue, Laporta would activate the operation. The player is crazy to sign for Barça. It was already close in 2014. So, Zubi bet, rightly, on Luis Suárez.

Thus, Haaland, Alaba, Èric García, Depay and Agüero are the big names that Laporta's project revolves around for the 2021-22 season. But there is more. As reported by Catalunya Radio on Wednesday night, Barça has in mind to incorporate a midfielder with a view to next season. The favorite, by Koeman's preference, was Wijnaldum, but that is anyone's guess.

As is obvious, so many players' output will have victims. Coutinho's march is sung. The other name on the table is Griezmann. His attitude on the field is irreproachable and he has even arranged some good brown for Barça last season (Ibiza, Naples) and this (Granada, the two goals in the Super Cup final that were not enough), but with that not it is enough. Laporta could propose to find a way out. But Griezmann, a beloved player in the dressing room, has a current contract and does not seem unhappy in the dressing room. In the background, Koeman watches Laporta's movements. And, noticing his character, he will not be silent.

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