Laporta's challenges

The new president of Barça enters with urgencies: the renewal of Messi, the future of Koeman, the search for liquidity and the possible transfer to Montjuïc.


Joan Laporta finds himself in a battered Barcelona that, however, has recovered his sporting situation a bit. But that he needs an immediate economic shock plan, sports tweaks and that he has pending the renewal of Messi, the future of Koeman and the transfer to Montjuïc for two years. Although he has ten days to take possession, he has to get down to work starting with the trip to Paris, where he will meet face to face with Ronald Koeman and Leo Messi. This morning, Laporta intends to do a PCR to be able to be in the Parque de los Príncipes with the team. Laporta's main challenges in his first 100 days in office are as follows:

The renewal of Messi

A first summit with the player's father is urgent. Laporta announced that, before making the offer, he has to know exactly how the economy is at the club. But there must be a rapprochement between the parties to at least convince the footballer to wait for the Barça proposal. Laporta's victory ("trust me because I have never failed him") and that powerful image of the Argentine voting, involved in the social life of the club, has filled Barcelona with hope because it has closed the ugly chapter of the burofax. Maybe forever.

Laporta has not wanted to make any names public during the campaign, but it is almost confirmed that Mateu Alemany will be the new general director of Barça

Koeman's future

Despite the enormous work of the Dutchman, who has raised a changing room that was in ruins sportingly and emotionally; and has projected youngsters to stardom, Laporta has been lukewarm with the options that Koeman terminates his contract, which expires in 2022. "He has the margin of the game and the results," he repeats. During the campaign, the name of Mikel Arteta was speculated as futureable, a name with much less weight at this time in Can Barça. Koeman is not cut. "If I don't see a future for me, we will have a problem because I have one more year on my contract." One factor can weigh heavily. The locker room is with Koeman, who has brought the culture of effort back to the team.

The economy

Joan Laporta is going to put himself in the hands of Jaume Giró, his economic vice-president, to try to save the club's very delicate situation. The first thing Barça wants is to refinance the debt and sit down with the banks so that the 730 million short-term debt is transferred to the long term. Barça have to get money in the short term. In June, there is a maturity of the bridge loan with Goldman Sachs of 90 million euros. There are amortizations of 186.6 million that must be paid yes or yes, with the wage bill soaring, which is almost 75% of the club's budget, and pay the bridge loan that was requested to build the Estadi Johan Cruyff. As their plan is to have liquidity, Barça thinks about issuing the famous Laporta bonds; It will also offer members the possibility of collaborating financially with the club, returning the effort with experiences related to the first team that have not yet been made known.Espai Barça and the possibility of going to Montjuïc

Joan Laporta must analyze with the work team what is the reality of the project and the Goldman Sachs loan, of 825 million euros, so that the partners approve this loan in the Assembly and for, perhaps, ask them about the possibility of sending the team to Montjuic for two years to accelerate some works that cannot last forever and, what is worse, make the work more expensive.Moral regeneration

Laporta enters Barça days after the arrest of Josep Maria Bartomeu, who has yet to declare for Barçagate, that ugly scandal that has uncovered a sewer game at the Camp Nou. A liability action against Bartomeu is ruled out because the pandemic frees clubs from losses caused by COVID. But Laporta will order an audit that must reveal the real situation of the club and then make decisions.

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