Klopp is delisted from Germany's list

Joachim Löw's decision to put an end to his time as German coach 15 years later opens the debate about his successor.


Joachim Löw's decision to put an end to his time as German coach 15 years later opens the debate about his successor. There are several names that are used for the Mannschaft bench and the federation has already got down to work to close the coach who will take over the four-time world champion as soon as the Eurocup ends. These are the candidates that sound the most, of which one has already rejected the position: 444 444

Jürgen Klopp: The current coach of a struggling Liverpool was the main favorite until he himself was removed from the list. "I will not be available as a possible German coach in the summer or after the summer," said the coach. “I have three years left on my contract here in Liverpool. It is a fairly easy situation to understand: you sign a contract and you fulfill it, just like I did in Mainz or Dortmund, "he stressed. Klopp was the dream of most fans in Germany.

Hansi Flick: Bayern's creator of the sextete has also been sounding like a coach for some time. It's not by chance. In addition to his recent successes at the Allianz Arena, Flick was Löw's second during the 2014 World Cup conquest and therefore knowledgeable about the structure in the national team. Of course, it will not be easy to untie him from a contract that binds him to Bayern until 2023. Flick himself recently said: "I see no reason to change anything."

Ralf Rangnick: The former coach decided to move to the technical secretariat of RB Leipzig, where he laid the foundations for the success that the team led by Julian Nagelsmann is having at the moment. After going through a few more positions in the Red Bull sports organization chart, the former coach of teams such as Schalke or Hoffenheim was released in 2020 and could inherit Löw in the position immediately. It would be a solution with a lot of competition, but little charisma.

Julian Nagelsmann: At 33, the young Leipzig coach has already become one of the most sought-after coaches in Europe. Even Real Madrid became interested in him, but both parties understood that it was too early to take such a step. Nagelsmann did not rule out the possibility of working as a coach, but made it clear that, for now, he prefers to continue living the day job at a club like Leipzig, where he has a contract until 2023. Löw's decision could make him change his mind.

Stefan Kuntz: The former player currently manages the German U21, which he led to the European Championship in 2017. The federation is aware that the heir to Löw could be at home taking into account Kuntz's work in the inferiors, where he has managed to make a name for himself as a coach. It would be the solution with fewer tables, but it would coincide with the appointment of Löw himself in 2006, at that time second to Jürgen Klinsmann.

Christian Streich: The longest-serving coach in the Bundesliga is also starting to sound for the Mannschaft bench. He has been on the Freiburg bench for a decade and has become one of the faces of the Bundesliga for his humble and, at the same time, severe way of being. It remains to be seen if the Mannschaft spotlights would be an option for a Streich used to working in the peace of the Black Forest, where everything points to them wanting to renew their relationship until 2022.

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