Joe Hart celebrates Tottenham's elimination ... and then apologizes

The Tottenham goalkeeper posted on his social networks a photograph of his team's defeat against Zagreb with the message "Work completed".

Hugo Lloris was not very misguided when he said that he no longer knew whether in the Tottenham dressing room they could trust each other. Yesterday, when the spurs were eliminated after Dinamo Zagreb's comeback, Joe Hart, Tottenham goalkeeper, posted on his social networks a photo of the 3-0 final, the message 'Work completed' and a green arrow of approval. The next day, Hart, who says it was the fault of one of the people who brought him the networks, has apologized.

“I feel like I need to apologize on behalf of the team that brings me social media. I just realized, because I literally just woke up, that someone thought we won 3-0 last night. As incredible as it may seem, it is the truth, we have published 'Work completed'. It's unacceptable, I'm sure a lot of people have been upset by this. I'm really sorry ”, assured the Tottenham goalkeeper. “Obviously it is not something I have done, because all I feel is love for the club and support the rest of the team. I'm just as annoyed as the rest of my teammates ”. After the elimination in the Europa League, Tottenham only have to win the Carabao Cup and fight for a place in the top four if they want to save the season.

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