João Félix raises his voice

The Portuguese claimed both on and off the field against Villarreal. He had not seen the door since January and brings out his best version at the worst moment of the season.


João Félix has been activated on the mattress radar after scoring a whip at Villarreal. The Portuguese had not seen the door since last January 24 in the match against Valencia. His 21 league games, with seven goals and five assists in a total of 1,228 minutes, ratify his coming and going as regards performance.The Portuguese has already scored more goals this season (10 in 29 games) than in his first campaign (9 in 36). An incentive that he clings to strongly to be the key at the end of the season. A season that started very well, but that was diluted as the games progressed. To the point of being a substitute.

The team needs the best version of the attacker because he has already shown that if he wants to, he can. And in that situation, you can help your colleagues exploit their virtues.

The other message

Curiously, the Portuguese also claimed in an unusual way in him: commanding silence looking at the bench. From his mouth it is interpreted, although not precisely: "Calla la puta boca caralho" .

The nervousness of the Portuguese was reflected in that celebration. Something similar already happened to him when they changed him in several games and his actions were not the most indicated either. Now, the calendar does not help: Madrid that already beat them in the first round. Almost without rest they welcome Athletic at home and close the circle with a Madrid derby against Getafe as visitors.

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