JJ Barea's law

The Puerto Rican point guard scores 10 of his 20 points in overtime to defeat a decimated MoraBanc Andorra. Hannah, superb: 29 points.


Another step for Movistar Estudiantes to ensure permanence in the Endesa League. He won (97-85) in extra time a battling and decimated MoraBanc Andorra (seven casualties) with a great JJ Barea. The Puerto Rican point guard shone in overtime. He donned the superhero cape to give the schoolboys their ninth win of the season with 10 of their 20 points in overtime. His two triples in that period were from 'this I have already lived a thousand and one times in my career, leave it to me'. In addition to a great assist to Delgado (14 rebounds). He left the titanic performance of Clevin Hannah to nothing: 29 points (6/10 in triples!) And 9 assists for a 37 valuation. The American was the culprit, with five goals in a row at the end, of extending the confrontation for five more minutes.

It was superb. He performed at an extraordinary level, making up for himself the multitude of absences from his team: Diagne, Tyson Pérez, Gielo, Dime, Llovet, Guille Colom and Palsson. Senglin finally played, although he missed the triple (1/6). Of course, two of his claws put MoraBanc in the game in the fourth period. Andorra remains as it was after the defeat, one victory away from the playoff spots. While the Estu moves away from the hot zone, with two victories above the relegation places and one less day to finish the ACB. The next rival, UCAM Murcia, which has gotten into a fool's mind: from fighting for the Cup to being at the same level as Cupinera's. Important grief.

Fast and fun. The two teams were enjoyed in the first half. The score, a good 46-43. Although MoraBanc took a while to know what he was doing in Madrid on a Monday. Specifically, six minutes. And what was found was not good: 20-4 after a triple by Avramovic, the fourth of the schoolboys (3/3 by Alec Brown) in a magical moment. Sergi García shook the tree and the visitors picked up the rhythm in a stranded attack (2/12 start). They climbed to take advantage of the entry of the second unit of their rival. They took cover until Hannah calibrated her rifle.

The Clevin Hannah Show

The American point guard left with just 2 points in the first quarter, added 12 more in the second with an immaculate 4/4 from the triple. Some of them, impossible, with Adams Sola holding his thrusts and putting his hand on his face. It was impossible to stop. Like Tunde: 10 points (5/5 of two), 8 in a row: from 41-32 to 44-40. The Estu resisted the lashes from the triple, with Sola leaving the skin behind with Senglin and with Hannah when he hit the nitro. And above, with two triples for 8 points in 11 minutes. He closed with 9, his highest score in the Endesa League. Until this game it had only 7,

Y from confetti and anything goes, to hardness. He went from the party to the mud. From the blows to the chest to the face directly. And the students in survival mode. They have already learned that style well. They resisted the constant onslaught of Hannah and Andorra to always stay one step above. The visitors were only once ahead on the scoreboard: 51-52 after a Jelinek basket in the 23rd minute. They had opportunities to grow, with the offensive rebound on the flag, but losses (13) detracted from their approach.

Arteaga, on another good day of his and six consecutive goals, left everything in a thread (80-78) with 18 seconds left. Hannah's penetration and Roberson's 3-pointer missed the game led to overtime. There Barea reigned. And Movistar dreams calm one more day with Cuspinera in balance: balance 4-4 since he took the bench. If he wins at Murcia, he will have achieved the same goals that Estudiantes had before his arrival. Almost nothing.

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