Jesé: drought, tantrum and two games to vindicate themselves

The Gran Canaria winger left the Canarian derby angry, but this week, with two games in four days, he has the opportunity to claim.

The footballer called to make a difference during the last Canarian derby at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López ended his match with very bad fleas: Jesé. Substituted in the 76th minute, when the UD was looking for the winning goal, Pepe Mel dispensed with his services and Lomo Blanco paid it with the referee's poster to indicate the changes, but the results are there: six games with the yellows and zero goals that, for the moment, do not justify his return. With the two crashes this week against Lugo and Mallorca, he is presented with two golden opportunities that can be great for him to start taking flight or for, definitely, anxiety to take over his game.

The minutes go by, the games and Jesé Rodríguez, that footballer called to be the key man in the yellow attack, once he got in line, he does not appear. It took him 15 days to enter the calls to be competitive and everything seemed to indicate that he was on the right track. However, the story is not turning out to be satisfactory for both parties. He tries, fights and fights in each match, but it is difficult for him to fit into Pepe Mel's system and not due to lack of desire, since he does not negotiate his commitment during the minutes he is on the pitch.

He started by taking minutes against Cartagena, on a placid night for the yellows, who won 2-0. The footballer accumulated 21 minutes and as soon as he entered he tried his luck from outside the area and was seen to be participative, with another shot with his left leg that was bitten, after a deep pass, and another time with a dead ball inside the area. who did not hit when he finished in conditions.

A week later, against Castellón, in a regrettable defeat of the insulares, 4-0, they had 30 minutes. He tried, again, as soon as he entered and, in that match, he was able to assess himself as the best player in the UD, although he had no fortune in the face of the rival frame, while he was gradually taking filming.Four consecutive starts and zero goals

From then on, the crack would no longer let go of the title, accumulating four consecutive and zero goals. In his first inclusion in the eleven he was able to quickly uncover the goal locker, but the Rayo Vallecano goalkeeper Dimitrievski denied him the greatest in a cross ball after a few minutes with his left leg, although he had a good game (1-1). In Fuenlabrada, yellow victory (1-2), he was also very participative and it was noticeable that every time the ball passed through his boots something could happen. Against Girona (1-2), he came out again with enthusiasm and drive and his were the first yellow occasions from outside the area, but, as in previous games, he was fading in the second half without finding his way to the goal .

Full confidence of Mel and Ramírez

Finally, their performance in the derby, perhaps has been the weakest since their return in yellow, with anger and kick to the referee's poster included. Despite this, he counted on the piscology and the coat of his technician at the end of the meeting, who, when asked about that departure from tone, answered that: “I was a footballer for many years and it also made me feel bad that they changed me, so no I feel bad what he did (kick to the electronic screen of the changes). He wants to be responsible for scoring goals, but I have insisted that he not. It can help us in many things, so you should be calm. If he gets angry because he thinks he can contribute more, that's fine with me. ”

Thus, with zero goals in six games, in 390 minutes that would make more than one nervous, he has the support of his coach and Miguel Ángel Ramírez, president of UD Las Palmas, who the week before the derby stated that the intention of the entity is that “Jesé has to be a fundamental pillar of the immediate future of UD Las Palmas. Next year we are going to have a very important player among the team and we need important players in case this year we can't get out of this category, try next year. For me Jesé would be a fundamental piece, as the coach and the sports management believe. Hopefully Jesé will join us next year because it will be a very strong bet in sports ".

With all this support in favor, what is in command are the goals and the only one who can change this trend is Jesé himself. Lugo and Mallorca can change their last tantrum for a smile, both their own and the UD's.

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