Jenkins: "We can prepare for the storm"

The North American guard, international with the United States, forms the backbone of Bilbao Basket with Rousselle and Balvin. A gunboat with a lot of pedigree.


John Jenkins is the shooter that Bilbao Basket clings to to take down rivals and get out of the relegation pit. Together with Rousselle and Balvin, they make up the backbone on which the team relies in this difficult season. The North American guard triumphed in Burgos in the 2017-18 season and has returned to the ACB in the lucid Miribilla showcase. He is the team's top scorer, tied with his compatriot Brown, with an average of 12.4 points, and adds an average of 2.2 triples per commitment, which would put him in seventh position in the league ranking, although he does not figure because he has only played 12 games.

His baskets against Fuenlabrada and especially the 23 points in the second half against Betis chose two crucial games, but more is required. "It is not my maximum version, I will give what the team needs from me and the coaching staff asks me, nothing would be possible without the help of my teammates, the break has helped me a lot to get into the rhythm and dynamics of the team after a year almost without basketball, "he sums up.

He is an escort with a huge pedigree, international with the United States, there is nothing. But, in effect, he arrived in Bilbao after almost a blank year and noticed his lack of rhythm a lot. "The coach has spoken individually with everyone and he explained to me the role that I must play, as to the rest, he asks me to defend more aggressively, not make losses, create more danger in attack and generate more for the team," he explains. As Zyskowski is being withdrawn from the games, he sometimes has to occupy the position of 'three' and that forces him to make an extra effort. "On a physical level I face opponents who are bigger and beat me by five or ten kilos, that's why I'm doing extra strength work in the gym. I think I have an advantage in reading the game and speed, I'm taking that role of forward and I can generate advantages ", it is crumbling. Jenkins believes that there are good scorers on the team and that you have to internalize that there are high and low moments throughout the season; "We can prepare for the storm and fight and be fine when the important moment comes."

The Tennessee outsider admits that Madrid's game against Estudiantes on Sunday "was a very tough loss." "We got into a hole in the second half and we managed to get out of it, but in the end we were not focused enough to get it out, hopefully after the video session we will see the errors and come out better," he adds. The derby against Baskonia is the most immediate, next Sunday: "It will be a very difficult and demanding challenge, but we are going to be prepared to give our highest level, I am looking forward to starting to prepare for this match." In that sense, he is clear that they will need to beat teams at the top of the table, but he is very confident in leaving two behind because he notes that the work from the break is being better in attack and defense, and with that the chemistry as a group has risen, "that's why I trust in the possibilities we have to achieve it" .

The weak point of Ivanovic's team is in the position of two, where he has to improvise on many occasions with a point guard. It is an asset for the derby. "It is difficult to pinpoint where we can have an advantage," he says, "we are going to concentrate on playing as hard as possible. I am aware of the rivalry that exists as they are close cities, it is difficult to live without spectators, it is the maximum rivalry for us."

JohnJen does not believe that being back in the downstream zone and being bottoms will create extra pressure. "The coaching staff makes us see that we are working well, we are aware of what we have gone through, even before I arrived, the work is good and in the end we will see ourselves where we want to be," he concludes.

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