"Mike James? I've decided to go to war with the players ..."

Dimitris Itoudis, has confirmed that Mike James is out of the CSKA dynamic: "Doing this is a personal decision," he says.


Open war in CSKA Moscow. Dimitris Itoudis has confirmed that Mike James has been definitively removed from the team's dynamics and that he will not play for the Russian entity again. The coach spoke after the victory of his players against Zenit, which allows Real Madrid to remain alive in the Euroleague and, in addition, classifies the Muscovites for the quarterfinals of the maximum continental competition. There he left phrases to remember and was categorical when talking about James, assuring that he has decided "to go to war with the players and coaches who want to go to war with this team."

These are the full statements of Dimitris Itoudis:

"The squad that we have used here, plus the players who have stayed in Moscow recovering, such as Joel Bolomboy or Nikola Milutinov, is the squad that we will have between now and the end of the season. It is a personal decision to do this. I have decided to go to war with the players and coaches who want to go to war with this team. We want players who respect each other, who put the team above their interests and who represent the values of this club of which I am coach

If we want to be champions, we have to be champions in everything. If we want to win the Euroleague, be at the top, and be an example for others, for our fans and children, we need players willing to respect each other, willing to respect this sport. Not only that they take care of themselves, but for everything. This is how trophies are earned. And those of us who work here know how to win championships. "

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