Jackson and Morris defend the fort against Antetokounmpo

Good choral performance by the Clippers, who did not have George, Beverley and Ibaka or Rondo. The Bucks, powerless.


Sixth consecutive victory for the Clippers, who begin to reach a cruising speed that puts more than one on alert and not only in the Western Conference. Against the Bucks of Giannis Antetokounmpo, who finished with a sterile 32 points, they won without playing Paul George, Patrick Beverley, Rajon Rondo and the Spanish-Congolese center Serge Ibaka. They can afford it and that they are looking for a last signing to give more amplitude to the squad. Several threats have, several threats are met. Marcus Morris, with 25 points, was the top scorer for the California team, but with Reggie Jackson as the differential factor to win 129-105 and with an impressive second half to the Wisconsin team.

Start with a lot of rhythm on both sides. The Clippers looked better around the corners to see the gaps in defense, and the Bucks experimented more with distance, testing from the front and playing with speeds. The locals were a bit more successful in the first minutes, something that would change at the end of the first quarter thanks to the work and grace of Jrue Holiday, who assumed command when Donte DiVincenzo went to rest and proposed a vertical game that left his rival. In that first round the distance went up to twelve points, with the Angelenos nailed at 26, and for the second the remedy was going to be the same but on the contrary. Those of Lue raised the intensity a point by the departure of Terance Mann. Fixed difference. There was a little left, something that was already an easier task. The bleeding had stopped and the locals could develop their party idea again. Leonard in the middle distance, Kennard looking for the short shots, balls for an unmarked Batum and other resources. Before the break, they even managed to get ahead with Marcus Morris as the protagonist.

They took better marks in the local side than in the visitor. To implement another new change that would make the game break, it was worth what was proposed by the Clippers following the previous strategy. Another new player changed the pace. Reggie Jackson, not only with two triples and several blocks followed by his shot but with ball moves that ended in free triples, was the man who changed everything. By simple experimentation, showing up at the game for the first time when asked, and giving a good result. The efforts of the Bucks focused on shots from outside, with Lopez, Middleton or Holiday making some, but that alone could not be used. Ten points clear before the end of the third quarter. And if there was something left, the one who flocked was not Giannis, the usual, it was Kawhi, very attentive in the second options. As if that were not enough, in the last quarter Milwaukee was powerless in attack, seeing the basket very small, and the distance even went up to fourteen at the end of the game.

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