Italy crowns Theo

The Milan footballer has been named the best full-back in Serie A 2019-20 for his great performance after failing to make his mark at Real Madrid.


Theo has recovered its best version in Italy. After leaving Real Madrid in the summer of 2019, the speedy footballer from Marseille is a dagger for the band and his leadership catapults Milan day after day. Serie A has named him the best winger of last season for his fireproofness, which leads him to travel the band with a lot of verve to feed his teammates with assists.

The goal is also with him, as his confidence in striking makes him a threat to rivals. Four goals and the same assists in domestic competition what we have this year are proof of this. Real Madrid paid Atlético 26 million euros in 2017 for his signing and he never got any performance from him on the field. Milan paid 21.5 'kilos' for their services, and this is where they are showing their best face, as they already did in Vitoria and San Sebasitián.

The joy of the French is palpable on a daily basis. He is grateful to the club, and this is how he has expressed it when he has been named the best full-back in the Italian league 2019-20: "Happy to be named the best full-back in Serie A. Many thanks to my teammates and coach for helping me achieve it."

Theo has become one of Milan's leaders, a heavyweight in the locker room for his performance and character. So much so that it has become the example to follow even for colleagues. Kalulu, Milan's right-back, looks at the former Real Madrid player as an example to grow "Personally, he impresses me. Watching him play from the bench in any game is something that shocks you. When he grabs the ball, he turns and you see him run, You have the impression of being in front of a train.

His progression is important, despite the fact that Deschamps still does not call him for the senior team. Theo has not found that award, the coach has not considered rewarding his evolution and in Italy it surprises.

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