It was TT instantly: Luka's role when competing in Skills

The Slovenian did not even take off his sweatshirt to perform the Skills Contest against Domas Sabonis. The Indiana Pacers took this duel very easy.


Ceremony of hydroalcholic gel in the hands and gentle stretching for the first contest of the night, the previous one of the All-Star Party. Thus began this NBA All-Star 2021, with a lot of silence at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta and loud music to try not to notice the absence of the fans.The weekend became a unique night to protect the players even a little, fulfilling that that the faster the better, and the Skills Contest kicked off a very special Sunday.This consists of a circuit in which a kind of zig-zag rods are passed, a two-handed pass is given to a hole in which to put the ball, the first ring is faced with a tray and runs towards the other side of the court to launch a triple with which, if hit before, the victory is achieved.

Luka Doncic and Chris Paul skipped the first phase according to the rules and it was useless. Or it went against them, almost rather. Sabonis started out by beating Julius Randle in an Eastern Conference southpaw match and the former was the one who scored first. Vucevic beat Robert Covington in a show of improperly passed balls and paces in the final race. In the second round these two European interiors again prevailed over their rivals and made it to the final. Domantas was measured against Luka Doncic and he did little less than less, without even removing his sweatshirt and missing three times on the chest pass to finish an entire track behind the opponent. Nikola was hotter than Chris Paul, who was a favorite for his skills, was right to win. In the last round Vucevic and Sabonis continued with a galloping pace, although the stones of the decisive triple made it clear what this event is: pure relaxation. Victory for the Pacers center after three attempts on the perimeter.

Domantas Sabonis entered as Kevin Durant's replacement in the All-Star, since he had not been chosen despite being the supporter of one of the best teams in his conference, and he joined this contest, which he had already tried before. It was noted that, in addition to wanting to win, he knew what he was going for. The arc that caught the ball when he made the pass is a technical aspect in which a neophyte chokes, not him.

This Lithuanian born in Portland when his father, Arvydas, played in the Trail Blazers succeeds 'Bam' Adebayo, who won last year.

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